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NATA/ NID/ NIFT/ UCEED is now @ Deeksha

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  • automobile-design
  • fashion-design
  • graphic-design

About The Course

Deeksha PU with MODe (Mad Over Design) is pleased to announce the introduction of a Design curriculum for students interested in pursuing a career in architecture and design. The demand for creative experts is growing every day, and professions including architecture, product design, graphic design, interior design, fashion design, and transportation design are gaining popularity. There are indeed a lot of students out there who want to pursue careers in the fields of Design.

Students should clear national level top entrance examinations after class 12 to enter the top Architecture and Design profession. Along with PU preparation, Deeksha is now preparing students for various design-related admission exams. Students do not have to choose between coaching and schooling; instead, they prepare for both the entrance exam and the PU in the same place.

NATA – National Aptitude Test in Architecture + PU Science
NID – National Institute of Design + PU science
NIFT – National Institute of Fashion Technology + PU Science
UCEED – Common Entrance Exam for Design + PU Science

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Key Highlights


Topics Covered

Quantitative Aptitude Reasoning Aptitude
Verbal Aptitude General Awareness
Mathematics Architecture Awareness
Basics of Design Colour
Perspective (1 PP) – 2 Perspective (2 PP) – 2
Perspective (3 PP) – 1 Technical Drawing
Object Drawing Observation & Live Sketching
Human Figure Memory Drawing I
Memory Drawing II Light and Shadow
2D and 3D composition
Creativity I (CT) Creativity II (DT)
Colour Composition Creative Writing
Lettering Layout Design
Communication Design Poster Design
Illustration Visual Thinking
Object study & Analysis Product Design
Design Thinking

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What is assessed in exams like NATA,NID,NIFT,UCEED?

We’ve cracked the code and discovered that each Architecture or Design entrance exam, such as NATA NID NIFT UCEED, has numerous similarities. The tests are designed to evaluate the following aspects of the students:

Frequently Asked Questions

A successful design career requires creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. Even to pass top design entrance exams like NATA, NID, NIFT, UCEED, one must naturally be creative and generate a flow of “out of the box ideas”. Students are expected to demonstrate their novel ideas through sketching, crafting, storytelling, and other creative methods.

By taking MODe’s research-based Ideation Test, you will be able to evaluate all of the above requirements as a design aspirant and get feedback on your creativity quotient.

Design Education’s Importance and Impact are Growing. Design in India has progressed and is now thriving. India’s potential design market is predicted to be INR 188.32 billion by 2020. (GBP1.43 billion). Currently, only a fifth of the design market is being exploited. The number of design institutions has increased from a handful in 2010 to over 70 in 2016. The number of design aspirants is growing every year, thanks to favourable demographics, rising educational aspirations, openness to seek different vocations, work chances, and greater affordability of higher education. If the design potential is completely realised, 62,000 designers will be required in the industrial, visual, communication, packaging, and other design areas by 2020. Currently, the country has roughly 7,000 qualified designers and 5,000 students enrolled in design programmes.

The statistics are based on 2016 documentation. However, the potential for Design has grown much more now.

MODe is a responsible, helpful, creative education-friendly, and student-friendly craft. We prefer to pick a small number of students each year and deliver maximum results versus enrolling a large number of students each year and delivering minimal results.

We have a uniquely built 5D learning structure blended with practical hands-on learning methods:
ADP: Aptitude Development Program
BDP: Basic Design Program
CDP: Core Design Program
DDP: Develop and Design a Portfolio
EDP: Exam Delivery Program

We have segmented every aspect of the exam based on past observations and built a curriculum to prepare you for the next year’s entrance test.

PSTMs, Online Personal Dashboards, Makers Kits for practical learning, and other resources will be shared on a regular basis for healthy and meaningful learning.

You can simply contact out admission centre team to get all the needed details.