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Welcome to the gateway of academic excellence, the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB), where it leads the knowledge-seekers to the threshold of the SSLC. KSEEB’s journey began in early 1964 and for over five decades, it has been the nurturing ground of secondary education in Karnataka and has diligently prepared its young scholars to graduate SSLC with distinction. The board has kept pace with the technological advancements of the modern world, which has made it imperative on our part, to compile study materials, guiding with sample papers and previous years question papers for KSEEB SSLC board, in order to prepare our student for higher studies, not to mention the humongous amount of information it makes available at the students’ fingertips in a digital era.

Students, as you are about to embark on one of the most significant journeys of your lives, secondary schooling isn’t just the mere syllabus you cram up. No, what you learn in the next two years is going to help you build a knowledge base that will shape your future. A fair and impartial evaluation lies at the heart of an examination system. The aim of the examination system is to recognize talents of the students and to tap knowledge and evaluate the same, thoroughly, fairly and objectively.

Get the edge in your exam preparations with our SSLC resources. Our resources are designed to craft your sure success in academic exams and also in life. Keep up with the latest on SSLC timetables, exam patterns and results. Tag along with KSEEB as you move closer to your dream of academic distinction in the SSLC examinations.

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As you launch your SSLC exam preparations, begin with our Sample Papers, designed to replicate the exam format and serve as an essential reckoner to assess your readiness and hone your test-taking skills. Next, deep dive into our archive of past SSLC Question Papers to unravel exam patterns and perfect your approach to answering questions with clockwork precision. Our detailed syllabus is your trusted academic compass, guiding you through the many worlds of subjects with accuracy, clarity and order. As you embark on daily study sessions, our succinct Notes are the wind beneath your wings, ingeniously-structured to slice through complex subject matter and deliver crisp analyses in a format that is a joy to revise and easy to remember. And when you hit a wall on a particularly thorny problem, our Solutions clear the way with step-by-step guidance that enhances your problem-solving skills. Together, they build an impregnable rampart around your exam preparations, enabling you to stride out confidently, with no fear of failure, fully armed for academic success and ready to step into Deeksha’s rewarding Pre-University world.


Established in 1966, the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB) is a trailblazing body that conducts the Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) examinations in Karnataka. Renowned for its stringent standards and all-encompassing assessment methodology, KSEEB has been pivotal in shaping the academic base of millions of students in the state.

Focused on promoting academic growth, KSEEB ensures the SSLC curriculum and examinations are structured to completely gauge a student’s understanding. The Board releases subject wise blueprints (consisting of the latest examination patterns and question paper forms) to aid students studying for the crucial Class 10 exams. These blueprints, available on the official KSEEB website, detail the framework of the examinations and include a list of concepts, from which questions in that subject’s examination paper may stem.

The Karnataka SSLC exams comprise three languages and core subjects – Science, Social Science, and Mathematics. In addition to these mandatory subjects, differently-abled candidates are offered alternative subjects. The KSEEB has designed the exam pattern in such a way that an average speed student can easily attempt all the questions within the stipulated time. The questions are objective as well as subjective in form to test the students’ knowledge as well as his/her comprehension and application skills.

Around 8.5 lakh students sit for the SSLC exams every year in Karnataka. This speaks of the KSEEB’s extensive reach, but also the crucial role these exams play in Karnataka’s educational scheme. To help students further, KSEEB also releases model question papers that gets them acquainted with the exam format, marking scheme, and important topics. KSEEB also prides itself on the quick results declaration every May. The KSEEB’s official website is the primary source for details about the SSLC exams like timetables, results, and supplementary exam details. All exam-related info is expected to come out on the official website first. Students should therefore check the official website regularly for the latest announcements and study material.

SSLC exams are generally conducted in March (with a supplementary schedule set for those that need it). Exam times are in the late morning shift to help students give their best. These exams are administered in multiple languages by the KSEEB, to make it accessible to every candidate, irrespective of their diverse linguistic background.

The KSEEB’s SSLC exams are an important milestone for student achievement at the secondary level, and they are an important first step in the academic journey. With plentiful study resources, a well-planned exam schedule, and a student-friendly approach to the exams, the KSEEB continues to remain an anchor in the state of Karnataka’s educational landscape.