Our Faculty, Our Pride

We ensure that our children learn and grow only under the finest tutors adept in the 11th and 12th  (Science + Commerce)/ IPE, and language spaces. dCARE is the language our faculty members speak in — our teachers are not only subject matter experts but also dPs or dCARE Parents. Each teacher is assigned a set number of students to which he/she acts as a mentor and guide. The dP touches base with his/her mentee fortnightly to ensure overall well-being with special attention paid to the child’s emotional wellness.

Our faculty members thus play myriad roles including teachers, guides, parents, and friends. In order remain updated with the latest trends in pedagogy and adolescent socio-emotional wellness, our faculty members regularly attend Faculty Enablement Programmes (FEPs) organised by Deeksha. Additionally, they also attend the CDCT (Content, Delivery, Connect, Technology) Programme keep abreast with the latest developments in teaching and classroom management.

At present, we have over 200 teachers spread across 20 of our campuses. Our teachers are our heroes, their mission is to nurture the success of every child.