MCQ Questions for Class 10 Science with Answers

MCQ Questions for Class 10 Science with Answers

The subject of Science requires a lot of practice, thorough memorization, and an accurate understanding of concepts. Class 10 Science MCQ strives to enhance students’ knowledge and assessment of chemistry, physics, and biology questions expected to come in the class 10 board exam. The MCQ questions are formulated to assist the student’s preparation and are the best last-minute revision resource to build confidence.Here we have provided the MCQ Questions for Class 10 Science with Answers with answers to help students clear their concepts and comprehend their weaker topics.

MCQ Questions for Class 10 with Answers CBSE Board Exams 2022-2023

The latest curriculum and paper guidelines issued by CBSE introduced multiple-choice questions in the board exam. There is MCQ class 10 Science questions on assertion-reasoning and case-based topics, and it has significant weightage in boosting students’ grades. Students must practice MCQs to answer accurately and efficiently.

Highlights of MCQ of Science Class 10 

  • MCQ of Science class 10 provides knowledge about the latest curriculum and paper patterns.
  • They are designed as per the latest board curriculum and guidelines issued by CBSE.
  • Students become well-acquainted with the MCQ class 10 Science typologies that might come in the exam.
  • The MCQ questions for class 10 with answers help students check their knowledge and assess their preparation.

Chapter-wise Science Class 10 MCQ Questions

Solving the MCQ of Science class 10 is extremely important for the students as it helps them comprehensively practice the subject and assess their overall knowledge for the board exam. Subject experts frame the questions with careful research and analysis per the latest syllabus and paper pattern. Students can comprehend the concepts well and succeed in the exam with excellent marks.

Chapter-wise Science Class 10 MCQ Questions

Benefits of Solving MCQ Questions for Class 10 with Answers 

Some students work hard but still cannot get good scores for various reasons, the most prevalent of which is exam pressure. MCQ of Science class 10 questions are the saviour for students to uplift their confidence.

Here we have some of the benefits of consistent practicing class 10 Science MCQ before going for the CBSE exam 2022-23:

  • It assists the students in comprehending their weak areas of the subject. They can work on it by thoroughly practicing those topics before the main board exam.
  • It recites the actual board exam setting for the students and thus prepares them for the main exam.
  • Practicing more and more class 10 MCQ Science helps students to answer accurately in less time.
  • Cracking MCQ questions boosts confidence as students become well-versed with different questions expected to come in the exam. 

Tips for Solving Class 10 Science MCQ

The following are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when answering the MCQ of Science class 10. The directions will help students get an added advantage to ace the examination with flying colours.

  • Equate every question properly before marking the final answer.
  • Go through the question twice before answering.
  • Learn shortcut methods to solve the equations quickly to save time.
  • If unsure about any question, use the elimination method to remove the incorrect options.