Class 10 Maths Notes

Class 10 Maths Notes

The CBSE class 10 math notes are carefully crafted to aid students in understanding the concepts, topics, and concerns discussed in each chapter. The Class 10 Maths Revision Notes that are provided are based on the most recent curriculum that the CBSE has approved. Thanks to these helpful notes, students won’t need to worry about purchasing several books to study for exam time. The main advantage of the Math Class 10 Notes is that it highlights important ideas and gives examples, which encourages students to do well on tests.

The important topics of each chapter are briefly covered in the CBSE Notes for Class 10, which are presented below.

Chapter-wise Class 10 Math Notes

Chapter 1- Real Numbers

In Chapter 1, Real Numbers, of Class 10 mathematics, all of the fundamental real number concepts as well as a few integral equations, are studied. Real numbers include both irrational and rational numbers.  They are very crucial from the exam point of view and must be learned thoroughly. The Chapter 1 Class 10 Math study notes primarily cover the following topics.

  • Numbers can be rational or irrational.
  • Division of Euclid Algorithm and Lemma 
  • Rational number expansion.
  • The basic theorem of mathematics.
  • The methods to find LCM and HCF.

Chapter 2- Polynomials

The Class 10 math revision notes cover all the key polynomial ideas, including expressions, degrees, types, and graphical representations. The following topics are covered in this chapter:

  • Equational Expressions
  • Polynomial types
  • Equations are shown on a graph
  • One polynomial’s zeros
  • Polynomial factorisation

Chapter 3- Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

As many questions are drawn from this chapter in the annual maths test, class 10 mathematics is crucial for board examinations. All of the key ideas and equations from Chapter 3 are thoroughly covered in the class 10 maths notes. The key subjects from Chapter 3 that you should concentrate on are listed below-

  • Equation with a line
  • Linear Equation Represented Geometrically
  • Method of substitution
  • Elimination process
  • The technique of cross multiplication.

Chapter 4- Quadratic Equations

Quadratic Equation is a significant chapter that requires students’ attention and aids their success on the board test. Quadratic Equations are defined in depth in the Class 10 Mathematics Chapter 4 revision notes, as well as the other subjects.

The quadratic equation’s conventional form is ax2 bx c = 0 where a 0 and the integers a, b, and c are genuine. The quadratic coefficient of x2 is “a.”

  • Quadratic equation’s roots
  • Origin of Roots.
  • Factorisation.
  • The square technique.

Chapter 5- The Progression of Arithmetic

For the Class 10 math board examinations, this topic is straightforward yet significant. Arithmetic progression is a sequence where the difference between any two terms is always the same. For instance, an arithmetic progression would be 4, 8, 12, and so on. The following subjects from this chapter are covered in depth in class 10 maths notes-

  • Arithmetic progression basics
  • Defined AP
  • Total for an AP

Chapter 6- Triangles

To calculate the triangle sums, it is necessary to fully understand several concepts and equations in the class 10 triangles chapter. The following subjects may be well understood by pupils using the Class 10 Mathematics review notes-

  • How do triangles work?
  • Triangles come in various shapes, including scalene triangles, isosceles triangles, equilateral triangles, acute triangles, right triangles, and obtuse triangles.
  • The Pythagorean Theorem
  • Triangle-Related Problems

Chapter 7- Coordinate Geometry 

The following are some essential subjects that students should acquire the formulae for and practice more from this chapter-

  • Distance calculation.
  • The formula for sections.
  • Middle-ground formula

Chapter 8- Introduction to Trigonometry 

Chapters 8 and 9 of Class 10 Mathematics should receive special attention from all students who wish to earn outstanding results on the mathematics board test since they serve as the foundation for trigonometry and will aid in understanding the fundamental ideas (and further assist you in higher studies). You can get a thorough understanding of the following subjects through the class 10 maths review notes-

  • Ratios of trigonometry.
  • The identities of trigonometry.
  • Inverse ratios.

Chapter 9- Applications of the Trigonometry Line of Sight

  • The elevation angles
  • The depression’s angle
  • Height and distance calculations.

Chapter 10- Circles

Although Chapter 10 of Class 10 Mathematics is quite complicated, you may quickly comprehend the following important concepts of this chapter with the use of Class 10 Mathematics review notes-

  • In a plane, a circle, and a line
  • A circle’s tangent
  • Circulate in a circle
  • Theorems.

Chapter 11- Constructions

The construction of comparable triangles is covered in Chapter 11.

 Chapter 12- Area Related to Circles

 The area of a quadrant is covered in Chapter 12

  • Sector’s perimeter
  • Circle’s surface area and circumference.

Chapter 13- Surface Area and Volume

Another key chapter for the maths exam in Class 10 is this one. To help you do better on the test, class 10 maths revision notes go over the following ideas in great detail-

  • Surface Area Formulae for Various Shapes: Cuboid, Cube, Sphere, Cone, etc.
  • Volume formulas for many shapes, including cuboids, cubic shapes, spheres, hemispheres, cylinders, right circular cones, etc.

Chapter 14- Statistics

The chapter Statistics covers the following-

  • Median, mode, and mean 
  • Graphs.

Chapter 15- Probability

One of the fascinating math chapters for class 10 that enables pupils to connect mathematical ideas with actual issues is this one-

  • Compound incident
  • Impossible occurrence
  • Sure enough.

Benefits of Class 10 Maths Notes

For the benefit of the students, we have created review notes for Class 10 Math. Some of the primary advantages that students might enjoy after downloading and using the notes are listed below.

  • The experts have provided clear and succinct explanations of each chapter’s topics. Students will be able to fully comprehend the chapters in their math curriculum as a result. For the sake of the student’s comprehension, the specialists thoroughly described instances, theorems, formulae, and other topics.
  • The fast revision notes for Math Class 10 will allow pupils to improve their response techniques. Students may quickly master the strategy by consulting the revision notes since Class 10 Math questions can be solved in a step-by-step manner.
  • Students will be able to finish the chapters much more quickly with the aid of the revision notes because they won’t need to read the full textbook. For test preparation, simply following the solutions and answering the problems in the textbook is sufficient. The pupils’ revising process is facilitated by this.
  • To make the revision notes accessible to students, they have been organized by chapter. So, links are supplied for appropriate access for individuals who desire Class 10 Maths Chapter 1 Notes.
  • Students can utilize the review materials to get their questions regarding any particular chapter of the Class 10 Math curriculum answered. Reducing their errors when solving tasks, will aid in their test preparation.

Features of Class 10 Maths Notes

Features of Class 10 Math Revision Notes PDF are-

  • Written notes- They are written notes which help in better preparation of the chapters. 
  • The whole list of formulae- You can get the list of formulas of all the chapters, which makes revision easier.
  • Significant questions- Since it is impossible to cover the entire syllabus just before the exam date, you will get a list of all the important questions, making it easy for you to revise before your exams.
  • Created by the syllabus- The Class 10 Math Notes are prepared as per the syllabus provided by CBSE in their curriculum. 
  • Experts in the field have created these notes- The notes have been prepared by teachers who are experts in the subject.

Overview of Class 10 Maths Notes

15 chapters, broken into 7 separate parts, make up CBSE Class 10 Mathematics. Students may learn more about the ideas behind Number Systems, Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Statistics, and Probability from the units. Numerous mathematical ideas, theorems, formulae, functions, and other topics are covered in the chapters. To ensure that they have a solid understanding of the topic, students should practice using the Revision Notes CBSE Class 10 Maths. Students may rely on the quality and authenticity of these study resources since they can get insightful information about the chapters from the revision notes.

The revision notes will make it simple for students to answer various questions from the exercises in the textbook. Additionally, they will learn how to quickly and efficiently answer challenging problems from the perspective of an exam. The subject area specialists created the Maths Notes for Class 10 PDF. These notes will provide students with the direction they need to finish their coursework and get higher exam scores. Students will gain a firm understanding of the chapters and the ideas covered in them by consulting the notes.


Math is one of the most important topics in Class 10. Given that math is a required subject in Class 10, it is crucial for pupils to adequately study for their tests. To do well in the test and build a solid foundation in the subject, they must fully comprehend and practice all the themes and ideas included in the Class 10 Math syllabus. All the formulae, theorems, and graphs that students need to review for their Class 10 Math examinations are included in these notes.


Q1. How many chapters are included in the CBSE math curriculum for class 10?

The math curriculum for Class 10 at CBSE consists of a total of 15 chapters. Every chapter is important, so make sure you thoroughly understand all the key ideas. With the aid of Class 10 maths notes, which are accessible in PDF format, you may swiftly review these crucial ideas, formulae, and theories.

Q2. Which books are regarded as the greatest resources for studying math for Class 10?

Students frequently experience confusion when choosing the finest study materials for their preparation as the Class 10 Board Examination approaches. The NCERT book is the finest source of study material for Class 10 Maths because it contains the majority of the exam questions. To do well on their exams, students need to study from these books. To comprehend the ideas better, they might also consult additional manuals. Numerous practice questions are included in these reference books.

Q3. Which chapter in math for class 10 is the most difficult?

To receive a decent grade on the Class 10 Board Exam, a student in the 10th grade must earn good grades in all of their studies. They find math to be a challenging topic. They run into issues while they study for the math test. To avoid problems later, they should prepare the most difficult chapters first. The following are-

  • Actual Figures
  • Two-variable set of linear equations
  • Trigonometry

To do well on the math test, students should study these areas.

Q4. What can I do to ace my math class 10 exams?

To succeed in Math Class 10 and receive all A’s, use the following advice:

  • You can finish your course on time if you are familiar with your curriculum.
  • Make a timetable so you can concentrate on all of your topics and allot sufficient time to comprehend the chapters of math.
  • Study from the NCERT book since it will help you comprehend every topic.
  • To gain a sense of the sorts of problems asked in the test, try to solve prior years’ question papers.