Campus Life

At DeekshaVedantu, we strive to provide our children with a vibrant college atmosphere so that they come to the college with a smile and leave with a smile.

To start the day, there is a morning assembly conducted by and for the children. Prayers are sung and thought-provoking stories / ideas are shared to begin the morning on a good note. Extracurricular activities are given utmost importance at DeekshaVedantu — as this helps children develop holistically, honing their communication, team and networking skills, confidence, etc.

Other activities include:


The annual Science Fest, iCube, is conducted and executed by children from end-to-end. An inter-school event, iCube invites children from other schools to participate in a fete that merges science, technology, and cutting edge innovation. The children oversee the entire process — right from event management to hospitality and sponsorship.

Literary Fest

There’s always space at DeekshaVedantu to enable artistic talents to flourish. Through a variety of cultural events ranging from writing, drawing, singing, dancing, etc., the Literary Fest gives children at DeekshaVedantu a stage to showcase their prowess in arts and culture.