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Deeksha Vedantu, NAD, Vishakhapatnam – Embodying Educational Excellence

Deeksha Vedantu, NAD, Vishakhapatnam has carved a niche for itself in the educational landscape with its empowering educational ecosystem.
The institute is known for its two-year Board-synchronized courses for JEE, NEET, and CET. The curriculum provides the opportunity to prepare for IPE and competitive exams simultaneously.

Every year, hundreds of students aspiring to succeed in JEE, NEET, and CET along with the IPE examinations, join Deeksha Vedantu, NAD to materialize their aspirations.

The campus admits students for its Day Scholar and Residential Programmes. The residential programme is currently for boys only.

Methodical Preparation for Competitive Exams

Deeksha Vedantu, NAD has a well-strategized preparation model for JEE, NEET, and CET. The stage-wise preparation practiced at the institute ensures that the students are well-versed with the fundamentals and the NCERT content before they progress to the more analytical and conceptually intense content. In the final stages, the students are exposed to the content and simulated tests for JEE Advanced. The conceptual clarity and confidence that this structured approach imparts to students make Deeksha Vedantu, NAD one of the best institutes for JEE, NEET and CET studies.

At every stage, the students attain proficiency through a methodical instruction and assessment approach.

Alongside the competitive exams, the students also prepare for the IPE. This time-efficient model of study makes Deeksha Vedantu, NAD one of the best PU colleges in Vishakhapatnam.

A team of highly qualified and experienced teachers mentor the students, closely tracking their academic progress. The students are taught to capitalize on their strengths and work on their weaknesses through systematic and regular assessments. The college’s unwavering focus on competitive excellence also positions it as the top institute for JEE, NEET, and CET preparation.

Integration of Technology into Academic Delivery and Assessments

The ed-tech is optimally integrated into the curricular design at Deeksha Vedantu, NAD. Besides the tech-enabled classrooms, several digital applications are used to enhance the learners’ experience. The KNOWVO app is a comprehensive ed-tech platform, developed in-house. It helps students approach their competitive studies methodically and in a structured fashion. There are various other applications for students to practice, track their progress, and get in touch with the teachers to clarify their doubts while they are studying at home.

Extra-curricular Activities

Along with academics, the students at Deeksha Vednatu, NAD, participate in diverse extra-curricular activities including sports, cultural fests, talent competitions, and much more.

The diverse gamut of co-curricular activities ensures that the students get adequate opportunities to showcase their talents and creativity. The inter-school and inter-house competitions are regularly organized for the students to shine in the areas beyond academics and kindle competitive spirit.

Aiming for Students’ All-Round Excellence

Deeksha Vedantu, NAD emphasizes the well-being of its students and has a time-tested mechanism in place to closely monitor their motivation and psychological well-being.

The personalized mentorship programme at the institute ensures that the students are not burdened by academic rigour and enjoy their academic journey.

Location and Student Intake

Deeksha Vedantu, NAD is situated at #58-1-424 Old 23/1A 104 Area, Main Road, opposite Punjab National Bank, NAD Junction, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530009

To ensure that every learner receives individual attention, we limited the admissions to 300 students in class XI. There are limited seats for which students can be considered for admission to class XII.


  1. Which are the best PU Colleges in Vishakhapatnam?
    Deeksha Vedantu, NAD, ranks among the best PU colleges in Vishakhapatnam.
    The prominence of the college is due to the highly qualified and experienced faculty, ed-tech integration, state-of-the-art facilities, and optimal ed-tech integration into the academic delivery.
  2. What courses are provided by Deeksha Vedantu, NAD?
    Deeksha Vedantu, NAD offers two-year IPE+ JEE, IPE+NEET, and IPE+CET programmes.
  3. How to contact Deeksha Vedantu, NAD for admission?
    You can fill out an application form here or call 1800 102 4109.

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