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Deeksha : Learning Redefined

Founded in 1998, Deeksha pioneered Competitive Exam coaching alongside the regular Board syllabus. Deeksha’s unique pedagogical structure has been lauded for the transformation it has brought to the education system. It is a result of years of engineering and reengineering. Deeksha’s Triple Integration model amalgamates care, academics, and technology to facilitate a joyful and effective learning process.

About Us

At the core of Deeksha lies its ethos of care and wellness which is extended to both the academic and non-academic spheres. This vision is manifested through dCARE – Deeksha for Children’s All-Round Excellence. Children at Deeksha are instilled with the ability to think for themselves, the discipline to work hard, and the grit to rise to any challenge. They are nurtured in a caring environment that inspires innovation and encourages social responsibility.

‘Deeksha has grown from just one single classroom to having 25 campuses across 3 states in the country.’ Deeksha operates in campuses across Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh. In the 22 years following its inception, over 60,000 children have passed through the system.

Premium Pedagogy

The classrooms at Deeksha are just the right size to facilitate maximum student-teacher interaction and enable personalized learning. Our faculty members are subject matter experts in their respective fields and are dedicated to offering one-on-one support to enhance the child’s comprehension of topics. Our Knowledge Management team develops premium content and syllabus material to boost preparation for the PU Board and Competitive Exams. There is also a weekly testing system in place to help children gear up for the exams by improving performance with each test.


Education without an emotional connect is only half-effective, if at all. At Deeksha, our priority is to provide our children with a warm and nurturing environment that helps them realise their potential. Towards achieving this aim, we have a series of Deeksha for Children’s All Round Excellence (dCARE) initiatives like:

  • dSTA: Deeksha Something to Think About Videos are short inspiring clips on various themes, played at the start of each day to kindle imagination and wonder.
  • OD: The Open Door programme enables children to address academic and non-academic concerns with trained counsellors and mentors.
  • dP: Each child has a go-to dP or dCARE parent who helps them track their goals and enquires after their general well-being on a fortnightly basis
  • dLife: The dLife Programme is engineered to impart life skills and living values to children. Regular meditation sessions are also part of the dLife Programme
  • dICE: Initiated during the lockdown, Deeksha Inter-Campus Extravaganze (dICE) takes the fun online with a host of cultural and literary activities like debate, poetry, cooking, etc.
  • dTIE: A series of sessions hosted by our illustrious alumni, dTIE (Deeksha Talks that Inspire and Educate) is aimed at giving our children a window into a various career and educational opportunities.
  • Feel @ Home Program: These include a structured set of activities conducted regularly, to ensure that children at the hostel feel comfortable and experience an exciting 2-year journey.

Tech-enabled Learning

As leaders in the education technology space, we at Deeksha have made significant strides in digitizing learning. Our flagship app, eDUCATOR, literally enables the child to take the classroom home — offering a wide range of material right from chapter synopses, homework clarification portals, tests, and live analytics. Through our dedicated online platform Deeksha Online and our YouTube channel, we have ensured that children receive the same quality of education they did during in-person classes. Therefore, we have a robust virtual ecosystem firmly in place to facilitate hybrid learning. At Deeksha, we are future-ready!

Meet The Founders

Dr. Sridhar G

Armed with a vision of providing an academic environment that nurtures original thinking and creates confident individuals with a sense of responsibility towards society, he, along with Mrs Lalit Sridhar, founded Academic Center for Excellence (ACE). Together, they pioneered integrated coaching in Karnataka through Deeksha.

Subsequently, backed by Private Equity Investors, Ace Creative Learning Pvt. Ltd. was formed to take Deeksha to several more campuses in various cities. A visionary and a thought leader in education, he is amongst the most respected and value-oriented educationists in the country. Dr Sridhar loves to be amongst children, whether teaching them or playing with them. A fun-loving person, he makes sure to spend time with his own children at home, listen to music, engage in sport and go for leisurely walks!

Mrs. Lalit Sridhar

With a Master’s in Commerce and a Chartered Accountant by profession, Mrs Lalit is go-getter by nature possessing a never-say-die attitude – and when she takes up something passionately, the chances of the task being left undone are remote! Her passion to help students learn in a lively, creative and joyful way motivated her to take innovative steps in bringing technology into education.

Her prime area of focus in the last couple of years has been in developing cutting edge technology products and solutions for students, teachers, parents and education institutions. Spearheaded by her, the technology vertical of Deeksha successfully launched its first learning app, Deeksha eDUCATOR, in April 2015.