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Deeksha Vedantu, Thanisandra, Bengaluru – Toppers’ Institution of Choice

Deeksha Vedantu, Thanisandra was founded in 2018. The institute has carved its niche by providing excellent guidance for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, KCET, and PU Board exams.

Students at Deeksha Vedantu, Thanisandra undergo a rigorous two-year programme that prepares them for the toughest competitive exams. The consistent performance of the students has proven the efficacy of the integrated education model of the institute. 

Methodical, Stage-Wise Preparation for PU and Competitive Exams 

The curricular design at Deeksha, Thanisandra is designed to facilitate a stage-wise progression of the students. The level-wise preparation ensures that the foundation is strengthened at every level. The students begin with mastering the NCERT content in the first phase of their preparation. Thereafter, they move on to the concept and application-based content and finally, they master the content for advanced content for JEE, IISc, and IISER exams.  

The highly structured and personalized curriculum makes Deeksha Vedantu, Thanisandra, one of the best PU colleges in Thanisandra. 

Leveraging technology for enhanced learning outcomes 

The institute delivers outstanding learning outcomes by leveraging technology in academic delivery and assessments. The technology aids in the personalization of instruction and assessments. The in-house developed ed-tech resources like the KNOWVO app are tremendously effective in revision, practice and reinforcing classroom learning as well as self-study.  

There are various features that help the students track their progress and resolve their doubts instantly. Instasolv is a feature that helps the student connect instantly with the teachers in case of any doubts while practicing and revising the concepts taught in class.  

Combined with an efficient pedagogical approach, technology results in exemplary student outcomes placing the institute among the best colleges for JEE, NEET and KCET. 

An All-round Learning Approach

The education at Deeksha, Thanisandra is well-rounded and aims to provide avenues for holistic development. In addition to academics, the students get to participate in various extra-curricular activities that include sports, cultural programmes, talent fests and competitions, and seminars, etc. 

The co-curricular spectrum is diverse and provides students with opportunities for self-exploration and growth. 

Structured Teaching Method & Assessment

The assessment mechanism at Deeksha Vedantu, Thanisandra is known for being systematic, rigorous and comprehensive. There are weekly tests for both PU and competitive exams and multiple simulated JEE, NEET and KCET test series give the students enough practice and confidence to ace these exams. 

A Premier PU College

Deeksha Vedantu, Thanisandra holds its place among the best PU colleges in Bangalore. Its pedagogical practices, the proficiency of its teachers, and a holistic programme focusing on students’ wellness earn it a place of prominence among educational institutions. 

We teach differently keeping in mind individual differences among learners to foster higher achievements through diverse ways of learning. 

Student Intake 

The institute ensures close personalized mentoring by maintaining optimal classroom strength. The annual student intake at the campus is 320.  


68, Chokkanahalli Main Rd, opp. EBISU Convention Center, Devin Paradise Enclave, Chokkanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064


Antonio Derick 2021-23 Batch
Studying at BITS Goa

The environment at Deeksha Vedantu, Thanisandra is very empowering. The competitive exam curricular structure here is meticulous and the regular tests make the students confident about their abilities.  I received constant guidance and support from my teachers and enjoyed a great campus life at the college. It was a great experience. 


  1. Which is the best PU college in Thanisandra, Bengaluru?
    Deeksha Vedantu, Thanisandra is among the best PU colleges in Thanisandra. It has remarkable results in both PU Board exams and competitive exams like JEE, NEET and KCET. The campus is vibrant and it has an experienced and proficient faculty.
  2. Which is the best institute for NEET preparation in Thanisandra, Bengaluru?
    Deeksha Vedantu, Thanisandra ranks among the top institutes for NEET aspirants. This is due to the highly qualified faculty, tech integration in academic delivery, well-structured instruction, and assessment model.  The close monitoring of the academic performance enables every NEET aspirant to perform at his or her best.
  3. How to contact Deeksha Vedantu, Thanisandra for admission?
    You can fill out an application form here or call 1800 102 4109.

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