The way of presenting your answer to the point depends on how you perfectly practiced and revised all chapters without ignoring one. Hope these do’s and don’ts can bring the best out of you during your final days of exam preparation.


  1. Do plan your study timetable and try to stick to it. Make a reward plan as well like if I’ll finish these portions of the timetable I can watch the match. Such activities of self-rewarding ideas will motivate you in achieving your tasks.
  1. Do study in a place that resembles the exact environment of an exam hall. If your study place is calm and quiet, chances are more for recollecting and presenting it well in an exam situation.
  1. Do practice as many mock exams with previous years’ question papers as you can under exam-like conditions. Compare your answers with model answers or with your friends’ answers.
  1. Do sleep and eat well, as physical and mental fitness play a vital role during exam times.
  1. Do take a 10-minute break every 50 minutes while studying; it’ll help you refresh and concentrate more. Studies show that the average human being can only concentrate for 50 minutes. After that, one’s ability to learn and concentrate declines.
  1. Do memorise key definitions, elements of the law, Chemistry equations, and formulae in Mathematics.
  1. Do engage yourselves with new methods of study like making flashcards, creating flowcharts and memory graphs, mind maps, mnemonic devices. Follow alternative mode of studying for subjects that need memorizing too much information and formulae.
  1. Finally, do try to recollect what you have studied just a while before you go to bed. You will find that you can remember every single word very strongly the next morning.


  1. Don’t wait for the eleventh-hour preparation. Staying up all night the day before examinations will cause more damage than help you. It’s quality of preparation and not the quantity that’s going to help you in the exam.
  1. Don’t talk to your friends who say they are not prepared for the exam. We all know he/she is a topper swot and going to do well. Their motive behind telling about their preparedness is to just panic you!
  1. Don’t panic! If you have done the preparation you will be fine. Try to relax and your exam will go smoothly.
  1. Don’t study in bed as it is one of the worst places to study. The human brain is all set to sleep in the bedroom. Studying in a bed can make it more difficult for you to concentrate. You may find yourself restless with your concentration scattered.
  1. Don’t waste your time in activities like talking to friends, aimless surfing on TV/computers, computer gaming, negative thoughts etc.
  1. Don’t revise the entire chapter a day before exams; just revise the main points.
  1. Don’t compare your study routine with your friends. Everyone is unique and what works for them may not work for you. Everyone’s learning style is different from each other.
  1. Don’t study till the last minute. It is better to avoid this habit as mugging up without understanding the concepts will ruin your presentation in the exam. Cover important portions on time without neglecting them.

Have a perfect exam preparation with these tips. Help your friends in their exam preparation by sharing these do’s and dont’s.