Getting in to Pre-University would’ve been quite the change after 10 years of schooling and after being in the same environment and the same people. Maybe this was a pleasant change and this short phase of our lives would change us in many ways as we are growing and heading towards taking on the world.

I say a ‘short’ phase because the number of things that go on in these 2 years could leave us befuddled if we are resistant to cope with the changes that would happen inevitably. Adapting at this point of time and more importantly being aware of this is what could make this a smooth ride for you.

Here’s something you could think about:

  • Do you feel that the change is good?
  • Have you been able to adapt to whatever is going on?
  • Do you have a set goal that you are trying to achieve?
  • Are the things that you are doing in line with reaching your goal?

This period can be a little unsettling for students who are still figuring their way out and it’s more than ok to look out and go exploring. But we should be wise enough to make sure that we are not all over the place. With the option of changing your path at various points in your life, you still need to have a certain direction.

You can’t be doing things that are in all different directions and amount to nothing. Although our ‘final’ goals may not be decided but whatever we are doing at the moment should align towards something that we are looking to do.

For the ones who have already decided what they would like to pursue, it is time to have a check and see if we are doing what it takes to reach where we want to be. Not that we have to only think about our goal but you cannot wake up a week before JEE Main and think you’d clear it.

If you are looking to clear any competitive exams, know that you need the right guidance and focused preparation. Ask yourself if you are doing what it takes to achieve what you want to. The right question would be ‘Would I achieve the goal with what I am doing today?’ and not ‘Would I reach I achieve the goal with what I think I should be doing today’.

We tend to be mistaken because we have a good plan but never implement it and assume things will be fine. If there’s no action attached to the good plan then it is time to wake up.

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