We are glad to present before you the 14th edition of Deeksha BYTES with the hope that it will find you and your family in health and high spirits.

With the dawn of the new year, hopes of revival of normalcy are on the horizon. The school campuses are opening up, and for all intents and purposes, we are out of contingency mode. However, it will serve us better if we assess, optimise, and internalise the systems that have come into the mainstream in the wake of the pandemic.

We have developed a new relationship with virtual medium and hopefully, we will put our familiarity to optimum use by adopting blended learning wherever it is due. The avenues of remote learning have a newfound legitimacy and popular acceptance and it is prudent to explore its possibilities. We are glad that our technological systems are robust enough to withstand any future exigency, enabling a seamless transition to online mode.

At Deeksha, we have always closely followed the developments and emerging trends in education and have marched in lockstep with the world while remaining true to our founding values.  Keeping up that spirit, we have launched Deeksha STEM which is all set to herald a new chapter in K-12 education.

In collaboration with partners, we are shortly launching courses for CBSE children in 11th and 12th for JEE, NEET and CET.

We have also launched our undergraduate programme in the form of Deeksha B.Com., intending to replicate the success of our +2 Commerce Programme.

We have achieved remarkable results despite the pressures of the pandemic, and we owe our success to our academic apparatus reinforced by technological innovations and platforms that we have created over the years and the dependable support system of dCARE.

In this edition, we take you through a journey of our offerings (Science & Commerce), giving you a realistic view on the impact we have made so far. We will also provide a glimpse of our new initiatives and our expansion plans.

We hope that you will find this edition informative, and we look forward to greeting you with our next edition.

Until then, stay healthy, stay active!