Pre-board exams are conducted to prepare class 10 students for their Board exams. It is a replica of the board exams and the results are an indication of how you will perform in the board exam. Thus, it becomes important that you pay proper attention during Pre-Board exam preparation. To avoid last-minute exam tension, students should prepare a timetable as per their study habits. Here, you will find tips that will help you prepare well for the Pre-Board.


1 Start your day in a healthy way:
Students, who sleep early and wake up early in the morning, should begin their day with exercise and proper breakfast. This will help them to start the day with a good note.
Keep coffee or tea by your side:
Students, who are comfortable with studying during the night, should always keep a thermos of tea or coffee on their study table. Along with this, they can also keep chocolates or candies to get instant energy
2 Do revision in the morning:
Mornings are the best time for revising things you have learned as your mind will be fresh. Review what you studies the day before by writing. Once done, compare it with the chapter you have read. This will help you understand your preparedness for the upcoming board exams.
Go through your lessons during the first half:
Generally, we have a fresh mind during the early hours of the day, so make it a point to revise the lessons during that period of time
3 Entertainment should not be missed:
Entertainment plays a vital role in one’s life, so don’t hesitate to have some entertainment. Go for short breaks while studying. Watch your favourite programs on TV or surf the internet. This will freshen up your mind by making you feel less pressurised.
Have snacks in between:
You might be the only person, who is awake during the midnight in the house, so make sure you have snacks ready with you before you sit to study. Eat snacks in between to get energy. Make sure you do not overstuff yourself with too much food as it will make you feel sleepy
4 Practice mock tests during the afternoon:
Never skip mock tests. Make sure you solve a mock test after covering each chapter. This will improve your practice sessions.
Read reference books after revision:
Go through various reference books after revising the chapters from your textbooks. It will help you in understanding the subject in-depth and prepare accordingly.
5 Try to have a short nap in between:
Giving rest to your mind and body is as significant as preparing for exams. Our brain has a limited capacity to grasp things and understand them. Therefore, taking naps in between your studies will prove very beneficial.
Listen to your favourite music or read articles in between:
It’s natural to feel sleepy while studying during the night, but you need to divert yourself by listening to music or read articles of your choice. This will awaken your senses

Do you find these tips to be helpful? Kindly share your views with us.