Writing The Perfect Answers For An Exam

How do you write a perfect answer? Is there any importance to the way it is presented? Will writing everything you have learned fetch you full marks? With final exams just around the corner, there are a lot of thoughts right now confusing a student. One among those got to be about writing the perfect answer. With a lot of sections and different types of questions, answers should be written accordingly. Nobody is going to give you extra marks if you write a paragraph for a one-word answer. In fact, it creates the exact opposite impression. Here are some tips to write the perfect answer that will get you full marks.

1. Read all questions carefully
The first thing that you must be doing when you get your question paper is to read the whole thing. Don’t worry about the time in doing so. Understand each question and find which ones you are thorough with and which ones you are not. Start with the one that you know clearly and leave the difficult ones for last. This method will boost your confidence.

2. Good handwriting
A good handwriting can do wonders. It is the first impression about your paper and it has to the best one. It is not really necessary to have beautiful handwriting. It is more than enough if your paper is neat with margins and proper spacing.

3. Structure your answer
Before you actually write an answer, structure the answer in your mind. An essay question will need a different structuring when compared to short answer questions. However, the introduction should make your point clear. For an essay, the last paragraph should be the concluding part. Elaboration, comparisons, examples, etc. can come in the middle.

4. Use simple language
Use simple language for all your answers, except when you are writing your language paper which demands advanced vocabulary and literary skills. There is no point if the invigilator can’t understand your answer.

5. Don’t write everything you know
It is absolutely a waste of time if you write everything you know about a topic, even when it is an essay. It is important to directly come to the point. For essays, the introduction should contain the proper definition or a brief on the topic.

6. Review your answers thoroughly
After you have finished your answer, go through it once and check if you have missed a point. Grammatical and spelling mistakes should also be corrected upon review.

7. Choose questions wisely
For questions that have a choice, take a minute to clearly understand the choices. Try to structure answers for both questions and then pick the one which feels more comfortable. Remember, a hasty decision here could cost you a lot of marks.

8. Attempt all the questions
Attempting all the questions is necessary even if you don’t really know the answer. The question might be wrong or out of the syllabus or your vague answer could possibly be the right one. You won’t lose anything answering it.

So, now you know how to write a perfect answer. Keep these points in mind and write accordingly. All the very best for your exams.

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