One of the biggest fears that every student has in their mind when they enter the exam hall is that they will forget everything at the last moment. There are various memory tricks to recall information. Here are a few tips to memorize 10 times faster.

  1. Have a walk before an exam

Studies show that exercise helps in enhancing memory and brain power. It’s proved that a 20-minute exercise prior to the exam can enhance performance.

  1. Make creative notes

While making notes, try to use different coloured pens. Choose one color for writing questions, a different color for answers, and another pen for marking important points. Making notes in a creative format will help you remember things fast.

  1. While reading, speak out loud instead of reading silently

Although this may sound crazy for many, give it a try! You would be surprised to see how much you can remember when you study loud.

  1. Ten per cent rule

When you read, make notes of the ten percent of what you read. This helps not only in memorizing faster but also increases speed.

  1. Know your strengths and weaknesses

Write preparatory tests like “dSAT Home” and find the weaker subject that demands more attention. Give more time to that subject and write the exam confidently.

  1. Enjoy regular study breaks

After studying for 45 to 50 minutes, take a short break. This will freshen up your mind and you will be able to concentrate more on your lessons.

  1. Never stay awake the night before the exam

Adequate sleep is very much needed as it will help you remember those tricky formulas which you find difficult to memorize.

  1. Group study

Studying in a group has several benefits. It can help you find new ideas to improve your learning experience. You can discuss new ideas, interact with friends and make learning interesting.

  1. Study with diagrams

Diagrams help to visualize the information that seems difficult to you. Making diagrams can help you recall things in the examination hall.

  1. Try meditation

Studies have shown that meditation helps students stay focused while studying. It not only improves concentration but also deals with exam stress.

Hope these tips will help you to crack Board Exams.