The human brain is the most advanced organ known to us. It is the central organ of the nervous system. From a heart pump to thought about self, the brain controls or does everything. It is divided into two cerebral hemispheres – the left and right. Each hemisphere is further divided into four lobes – the frontal, temporal, parietal, and occipital lobes. Although both the cerebral hemispheres are similar, some of their functions differ. The right hemisphere controls your left body. It makes you creative, spontaneous and deals with all your feelings and emotions. The left hemisphere is the logical side which makes you analytical and rational.

It has often said that people are dominant on one side and that determines everything about them. Creative people tend to have a dominant right-side brain while organized and disciplined people have a dominant left-side brain. The brain is often called a muscle since it behaves like one. It gets better when you work on it more. Hence, it is possible for people with a dominant side to achieve balance by improving the other one. This can be done through activities and exercises that target specific brain hemispheres. So, how does one achieve this? There are many brain exercises to improve the brain’s ability and attain a left-right equilibrium. Check out these simple exercises.

1. Take the Stroop test
Named after American psychologist John Ridley Stroop, this test will analyze the ability of both sides of the brain to work together. Use different colors to write different color names. Now, read the colors but say the name of the color with which it is written rather than the word.

2. Try Juggling
Your hand-eye coordination will have a profound improvement once you start practicing. To make it harder, throw the ball up with your less dominant hand.

3. Learn a new skill
Learn a new language or a new musical instrument. Your left brain will never be the same once you do this.

4. Use that lazy limb
Do your daily chores with your less dominant limbs. Try left-hand writing if you are right-handed or play football with your left foot if you are right-footed.

5. Play mind games
These mental exercises will even have an effect on your personality. From simple crosswords to thousands of online games, the variety itself will give you the kick to begin.

6. Solving math problems
Try solving math problems quickly and in different ways each time. The more complex the problem, the more ideas you put in to solve it. This will, in turn, make more connections with both sides of the brain.

7. Mind mapping
Take your time when doing this. Use both the left and right sides to the full potential. When creating the mind map on anything, use your creativity to enhance the right brain activity. When you mark your map with words, categorize and organize efficiently to improve your left-brain activity.

These 7 brain exercises are simple but it definitely requires patience. Nothing is going to happen overnight. With time, you will be able to feel the profound changes. Analyse yourself frequently. Try taking aptitude tests and online IQ tests. Evaluate the results and see for yourself the change.