We often see inspirational quotes and advice regarding self-development that keeps floating around on social media and Whatsapp. Most of them are amazing to read and may also bring us to an ‘Aha’ moment which is followed by endless sharing of that post added with the further contribution of ‘wisdom’ along the way. The question that we should ask ourselves is ‘Should I follow something from a medium which is open to anyone, both the qualified and unqualified alike’?

‘Follow your passion’ is one such advice that has been doing the rounds which may cause students to pass up good opportunities that come along. “Do as Steve Jobs did, not as he said”. This quote can give us some insight into making career decisions that could be sustainable. Cultivating passion as opposed to searching for it is an idea we need to get used to. On finding something that we are interested in, we pursue it by putting in the effort that helps us develop our passions.

To get a head start on this you can try figuring out what skills you possess and which skills you could develop, by taking aptitude tests that give you the right information about your current potential using standard methods of evaluation. Deeksha conducts tests like R-DSAT and DSAT to help students start their careers right.

Students in Maharashtra can take up DSAT to find out more about which stream they are best suited for along with their aptitude for competitive exams like JEE Advanced, JEE Main, AIPMT & CET. Students in Bangalore and the rest of Karnataka can take up R-DSAT D-SAT respectively.

Choose wisely and secure your future!