Every year, thousands of students after completing their PU write CET, among which only a few are able to achieve their goal. If you are one of those who are planning to write CET this year, here are a few tips you should follow when you have only a month left for the exam.

  1. Plan your day very systematically with a proper timetable.
  2. As you have already completed the second-year board exams, so you have a clear idea about each subject’s concepts.
  3. Brush up the concepts one more time, while doing please make tip notes, so that they will help you while solving the objective questions.
  4. Once the concepts are clear then go for the shortcut ideas, practice with few questions so that you will get an idea about the shortcuts.
  5. Start practicing the MCQ questions, once you get confidence in one particular chapter then take a small test, while answering the test, please keep up the time.
  6. Try to answer one question in one minute time.
  7. Bear in mind that both speed and accuracy are important. Do not comprise on accuracy. Speed comes with practice and accuracy comes with clarity.
  8. In case you have a slot prepared for a difficult chapter, it is not the right time to prepare for that chapter. Do not spend too much time on it. Just brush up and spend more time consolidating what you know rather than leaving new ideas at this juncture.
  9. Once you are going to complete all the chapter revisions then start taking the Mock Full Length Tests.
  10. Practice more questions in each subject in each chapter, so that you can gain confidence.
  11. To score good marks in CET, Board Syllabus Concepts should be clear and you should practice more MCQ questions.
  12. After each mock test, analyze your performance and pay attention to the types of mistakes you generally tend to commit. e.g., it may be a conceptual mistake or calculation error, etc. Make a conscious effort to eliminate them in the next mock test.

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