Most educational institutes in India and abroad tend to overlook essential life skills in the curriculum development process. Hence, students lack them and depend on others to do minor things that could be infuriating and exhausting. Student life is the best phase of life to learn a new skill as one is more likely to possess an uncluttered growth mindset, passion, empathy, and conscientiousness. Here is a list of few basic personal and professional life skills one needs to know:

Personal Life Skills

In a dynamic environment, personal life skills should be developed early because one is more likely to face the challenges of life every day.

  1. Building Self-esteem
    Self-esteem is of utmost importance in all phases of ones’ life but many find it difficult to build. People without this vital trait find it hard to hit the path of success. One must build self-esteem in the earlier stage itself using positive affirmation, healthier motivation habits, leveraging strengths, appreciating self-achievements, accomplishing smaller goals, and being mindful.
  2. Dealing with Failure
    We all know that failure is one of the deadliest realities of life. However, it is also important to be aware of failure as it helps one grow. People tend to put all their emotions in the hands of failure and allow it to control their lives. To overcome failure, one should stop making it personal and start to learn, adapt, and improve their skills. These steps give a new point of view and eventually help overcome any failure.
  3. Problem-Solving Skills
    Problems arise in every individual’s day-to-day lives, work, and academic situations. Hence, being a problem solver is pivotal for ones’ growth and success. Problem-solving skills make a vast difference in life and require creative, analytical, and mental skills. It comes from possessing confidence and breaking problems. One can solve problems effectively and quickly by defining the problem, generating alternatives, and implementing solutions.

Professional Life Skills

Professional skills are crucial for anyone to excel at their workplace. The following skills can be learned before one steps into their career.

  1.  Drafting Cover Letters, Resume, Emails, and Preparing for an Interview
    A cover letter, email, resume, and interview create a lasting impression of a job seeker on a potential employer. A well-crafted cover letter, resume, formal email application for a job, and a bold interview are not just limited to the job applicant’s education, achievements, and experience but also a testimony for the recruiters to learn more about the candidate. Therefore, one must pick up copywriting and interview skills through the educative material on the internet, courses, or from seniors and other reliable sources. These powerful skills are bound to remain supportive in all stints of life.
  2. Developing Organisational and leadership Skills
    Organizational and leadership skills are critical in pursuing one’s objectives and goals seamlessly. When a person learns organizational and leadership skills and uses them effectively, he or she is bound to witness a dramatic improvement in productivity and time management. Organizational and leadership skills take a lot of time to assimilate. However, organizing their workplace, learning to delegate, minimizing interruptions, and making a schedule regularly would assist one to gain these skills in the long run.
  3.  Interpersonal Relationships and communication skills
    Interpersonal relationships are a strong and deep association between two or a few people while communication skills are an ability to communicate effectively with superiors, colleagues, and staff. Interpersonal relationships can be developed by involving in mentoring, leadership activities, effective communication, negotiation, empathy, and teamwork while communication skills come by taking initiatives, motivating others, and handling conflicts.

It is crucial for every individual be it a student, a parent, or a professional to acquire or acknowledge the importance of these skills. As said by Millie Hogue. “These are skills we can take wherever we go in life, no matter what we do.”

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