Among competitive exam aspirants, enrolling themselves at a top coaching institute for exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET or CET takes top priority and parents may not think twice even if it costs a few thousand rupees extra. At the same time, the coaching institutes too try to do their best to provide quality education. Added to this we at Deeksha go an extra mile in helping aspirants by training them for both board and competitive exams. Does all of this by itself guarantee you the good scores that you are looking for?

It goes beyond this! The second part, which is actually making use of all this help, is completely in the hands of the students. Getting your money’s worth is something you should aim for because of all the obvious reasons. Follow the below-mentioned steps and rest assured you would have done your bit.

1.Self-study – This is the most important tip that anyone can give you. Creating a daily routine to study the topics covered in class can give you an edge that is unmatched. Moreover, this is your only chance to make studies fun.

2.Notes – Take notes during all your classes and you’ll have material that you yourself have written. Nothing makes studies more simple than having your own notes. You can also download dPAL to get access to notes that have already been prepared.

3.Doubts – It sometimes is easy to neglect to clear your doubts as and when they creep up. As your teacher may have warned you, harboring doubts will lead to your downfall. Ask your teachers and clear your doubts immediately. If you struggle just think of it as a choice between good scores plus a better future and a chance of being laughed at.

4.Journal – A lot of interesting patterns come up when you study on your own and your teachers may give you some interesting titbits. Jot them down in the journal and you’ll have a better grip over concepts and an excellent competitive advantage.

5.Study Pal – Make friends with a person who shares the same goals as you. Having a person to chat with regarding your studies, to clear doubts, or for some healthy competition will be a big add-on.

If you have read this, you do not have an excuse for not starting off your journey on getting your money’s worth from your competitive exam coaching institutes and more importantly performing well in your exams. Don’t think, just start!