It’s a common problem among students to lose focus while studying. If this article grabbed your attention, here maybe a few things that you experience:

  • Wandering mind while studying
  • Letting distractions take over when you study
  • Not being able to complete portions in the set time
  • Having the intent to study but never coming around to actually doing it.

Just having studied by concentrating effectively whenever you had planned to do so, could help any student do well in exams. So the bottom line is you could change things and cut down on a lot of stress if you could just get yourself to sit down and focus while studying.

Deeksha’s one-month CET Crash course is structured such that it tackles all these problems thereby catering to this need. Here’s how the course would improve your concentration.

1. Remove Distractions: The major cause for not being able to concentrate is because students get distracted easily. There’s a saying – If you can’t resist temptation, do everything to stay away from it. Our one-month Residential Crash Course will keep you away from these distractions.

2. Setting realistic targets: You’ll set a realistic target at the start of the course and reach there in a smooth progression. Completing the set target works as a reward mechanism and this will keep you motivated and confident.

3. Get an idea of what you are going to study: Our expert faculty will take you through a methodical approach and the lessons won’t look alien to you at any point.

4. Commit to what you are doing: Attending a rigorous one-month course is a commitment that you are making to yourself. When you actually promise yourself to do something and take it to completion, nothing can stop you. Commit to what you want to achieve and you will achieve it!

5. Keep things relevant: Relevant material is provided so that you do not get bogged down with unnecessary details that won’t add value to your preparation. There’s no obsessing on unimportant parts. You’ll have guidance to ensure this.

6. No Multitasking: When you move from one thing to the other there’s something called ‘context switching’ that your brain has to do to keep up. A lot of multitasking will be taxing on your brain like opening heavy applications on your computer and moving from one to the other while working on them. With a focused course you would not have this problem.

Bonus tip

Meditation: This is the ultimate thing to get you to concentrate. Nothing fancy, just sit with closed eyes and take deep breaths while trying to keep thoughts away. This can be very refreshing. Do it for 2 – 5mins before and after your study session. Also, meditating for 2 minutes before you sleep can help you have a deep and refreshing sleep.

Anyone looking to have an effective CET Preparation after your board exams or a good head start for your CET preparation can joinDeeksha’s exclusive one-month CET Crash Course which commences on 30th March 2016.

Put an end to procrastination! Learn concepts & shortcuts to have an awesome preparation. Regular mock tests conducted to help you develop razor-sharp exam-taking skills. All this combined will give you the all-around preparation that you need to get a good CET Rank.