The most common suggestion for a good CET preparation by anyone who has written CET would be taking mock tests. Mock tests are any CET aspirant’s guide towards the right, thorough and effective preparation. It is like a reality check where you get to see if whatever you are doing is taking you to your desired rank.

Online mock tests are very common these days as it has the obvious advantages of offering flexibility in terms of time, location and overall convenience. It also offers better preparation in a shorter time span and is surely more interesting than solving problems endlessly. The format of the exam will keep you engaged while learning.

Deeksha is offering an online CET Mock Test series for free to all the students aspiring to crack CET. You will have to just register for this mock test series and you can get started.

This initiative has been taken to help all the students to have this effective preparation tool and do well in CET without spending an additional sum of money. These mock tests have been prepared by expert faculty with years of experience and they bear a close resemblance to the real CET. It is being hosted on the cutting-edge online platform of the CET Cracker app.

Features and benefits of  Deeksha’s Online CET Mock test series

  • 1 Mock test will be released per week as this is the recommended rate at which mock tests should be taken
  • The first mock test to be released on April 3rd, 2016, and you would have access to 4 mock tests through this month
  • Each mock test consists of 4 papers – PC+MB
  • Results will be available in real-time along with analytics
  • The analytics will be time-saving and give you feedback that you could immediately work with.

Here’s your opportunity to prepare well for CET in a month. Get cracking and register for the free online CET Mock Tests by Deeksha for a better CET Rank.

The most important thing that a student should focus on to crack CET is building speed and accuracy. With immense practice, one can improve both. Deeksha’s CET crash course focuses on practice which in turn helps students to give their best during the exams.

There are 3 modes for this crash course:

  • Day Scholars: Here’s your opportunity to prepare well for CET in a month. Get cracking and register for the free online CET Mock Tests by Deeksha for a better CET Rank.
  • Correspondence
  • Residential

Students can choose anyone among the above based on their convenience. So, hurry! Here’s a chance to work towards scoring well in CET.