There are lakhs of students who seem to be really busy preparing for the IIT, but when asked how confident they are in their preparation they have no answer except a confused look. It would really be a good option if the students get an option using which they can gauge their level of confidence. By keeping this point in mind, Deeksha has come up with DSAT.

  • Deeksha Scholastic Aptitude Test is conducted in Deeksha campuses on weekends
  • This test is meant for those students appearing for class X
  • DSAT tells you which competitive exam will be appropriate for you
  • Writing this text helps one choose the right stream after class X

There are many who just start preparing for competitive exams, without any idea which exam is right for them, are eligible for the exam or not. Getting a clear idea on which competitive exam will be right for the student proves to be really helpful during his or her preparation. Until and unless the student knows which competitive exam is right for them, it is a waste of time and energy to start the preparation.

Moreover, students face difficulties when they do not have any clear idea on which stream they should choose after completing X. In this context too, DSAT proves to be really helpful.  After writing this scholastic aptitude test, students will come to know which stream they should move on to for a successful future.

So, if you also want to get answers to all these confusions and interested in writing DSAT, then here is the chance. DSAT registration is still going on. The next slot of DSAT is being conducted on 28th November at:

29th November