Being bookish is a risky business. Apart from the tired eyes, there are a lot of potential threats that come with being studious. Being studious is spending a lot of time studying and yes, you are right; it can be dangerous. If you do not agree, the reasons mentioned below will make you think twice.

  • Studious students are those who spend so many hours with their books that they hardly have time left for their hobby or to socialise with others.
  • The all-day study makes a student dull
  •  The unhealthy habit of mugging up lessons is due to the unclear concepts. While preparing for NEET, CET, IIT-JEE, or JEE Main this habit can prove to be a disadvantage.
  • It is a rule that science students have to learn from the point where they left. Science is a conceptual subject, so no matter whether it is medical or engineering if the basics are not clear the student is going to face a huge problem when he or she joins a college.

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