JEE Main preparation ways have changed through these years. The way aspirants now approach the century-old JEE Main is not the exact way it was done years back. Once upon a time, it was a classroom and library-linked exercise. The Discovery of the internet, social media, online tools like smartphones and tablets, etc. have changed the way how students deal with exam preparation. Here, we share a few tips regarding the use of modern-day technology to help in preparing online for JEE Main.

The availability of information using a mouse click is a boon for every JEE aspirant. Gone are those days when classroom coaching, doubt clarification from experts were essential. Of course, teachers or books cannot be replaced, but now there are many other online alternatives for students. As large and large numbers of people have started using the internet, students have started JEE Main preparation with better orientation. This inclusiveness is important for the future of a better and improved India.

This post discusses how to make the best out of your mobile phone, internet connection, and smartphones for JEE preparation. Let us first have a look at the importance of using the internet and web to the best benefit.

Tip 1:

Use educational website religiously: As a lot of information required to clear JEE Main comes from data and reports from various resources, all students are strongly advised to be active users of the internet. There are fewer chances of books being updated as websites; therefore they might not be regarded as a reliable source.  Also, books might not include authentic information as in government websites about economic data, international relations, and government schemes, etc.

Tip 2:

Purchase JEE Main preparation study materials online! :

Those days are gone when students bought books from libraries. Now with so many online shopping sites, you can buy books from the comfort of your house. Here, you can get books at almost half the price. Moreover, the books will be delivered to your doorstep.

Tip 3:

Make use of social media:

Many of you might be surprised to know that you now don’t have to bid goodbye to Facebook once you start JEE Main preparation. Social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube can be utilized for preparing for JEE Main, if you know what to subscribe. You can subscribe to reputed channels or pages like CNN, The Hindu, etc. and you will receive all the current updates in your Facebook account once you log in.

Tip 4:

Using mobile apps:

There are several android apps that can help you prepare for JEE Main. dPAL is one among them. You can install the app by downloading it from Google Playstore. This app consists of features like concept-wise synopsis, chapters are broken down concept-wise, overview videos highlighting significant concepts and past trends, previous year questions from each chapter that make the task of exam preparation simple and easy.

Hope these tips get you through the exam preparation. Happy examination!