Two Stories About Flying Extra Questions and Answers

Two Stories About Flying Extra Questions and Answers

A prose piece titled Two Stories About Flying is presented in Chapter 3 of the English textbook First Flight and is comprised of two stories entitled “I – His First Flight” and “II – Black Aeroplane”.In the first story, His First Flight, the author shares the story of a bird who conquers his fear and flies on its very first flight. Throughout Black Aeroplane, the author explains how a young pilot narrowly evades death while flying an aeroplane under the guidance of a mystical black aeroplane. A pair of stories in the chapter – Two Stories About Flying – illustrate to us how inner strength and determination are necessary for overcoming fear. When we have the courage to confront difficult situations in our lives, we will be able to handle complex situations. Class 10 students should prepare two stories about flying extra questions and answers for exams. There is a great deal of teaching about overcoming fear and finding your inner strength in this book.

Two Stories about Flying Extra Questions

1. Who had already landed on the green flooring?

Answer: His parents, brothers and sister had already landed on the green flooring.

2. What made the woman in the control centre look at the narrator strangely?

Answer: The narrator was helped by the pilot of the black plane in safe landing. He wanted to thank him. He went to the women in the control room and asked about the pilot of another plane. She looked at him strangely and told him that there was no other plane flying that night. His was the only plane that could be seen on the radar.

3. What was the young seagull’s mother doing before him?

Answer: The young seagull’s mother was standing on the plateau, her white breast thrust forward. She tore a piece of fish that lay at her feet, then she scrapped each side of her beak on the rock.

4. The pilot wanted to thank another pilot after his safe landing. Why? What values of the writer are reflected from his action?

Answer: The pilot (writer) of the old Dakota was caught in the storm. He lost his contact with the control room. In this troubling situation, his fuel tank was also empty. He lost all his hopes but suddenly a black strange plane appeared. The pilot of the black place asked writer to follow him. The writer landed safely. After his safe landing, he wanted to thank the pilot of the black plane. This shows his gratitude towards the pilot of the Black Plane. He was thankful to him for saving his life. It shows that the pilot of Dakota had a value of gratefulness in his character.

5. Why did the seagull dive towards his mother?

Answer: The seagull dove towards his mother because he wanted the fish in his mother’s beak.

6. Describe the sky when ‘Dakota’ took off from Paris

Answer: When ‘Dakota’ took off from Paris, the sky was quite clear. The moon was coming up in the east and the stars were shining. There were no clouds in the sty

7. How were Seagull’s parents helping his brothers and sisters to “ Perfecting them in the art of flight”?

Answer: The young seagull was afraid of flying, but his two brothers and a sister had started flying. But his parents were teaching them to be perfect in the art of flying. They were teaching them how to skim the waves and how to dive for fish. 

8. Do you sympathise with the seagull? Give reasons.

Answer: Flying is a natural instinct of birds. But the young seagull develops a fright of flight. We sympathise with him because he has to suffer a lot before he gets over his fear of flying. He has to bear the taunts of his family. He has to go without food for twenty-four hours.

9. What made the young seagull fly?

Answer: The madness for hunger made the young seagull fly.

10. How were seagulls parents having his brother and sister for perfecting them in the art of flight?

Answer: The young seagulls parents fly about with his brother and sister perfecting them in the art of flight teaching them how to skin the waves and how to die for fish when his older brother catch his first hearing and devour at his parents praised him by raising a proud cackle.

11. Why does the narrator say, “I landed and was not sorry to walk away from the old Dakota…”?

Answer: The narrator was excited to fly the old Dakota aeroplane to England, to celebrate Christmas with family. But he got caught in a storm and was saved by a guide plane. He was delighted to be out of the storm and safely land and hence was not sad about moving away from the old plane. 

12. What is the meaning of ledge ?

Answer – A narrow horizontal shelf projecting from a wall or a cliff

13. “I’ll take the risk.” What is the risk? Why does the narrator take it?

Answer: The risk was to fly the old Dakota aeroplane through the huge storm clouds despite knowing the practical difficulty of doing so. The narrator takes the risk because he wanted to spend his holiday with his family in England. He wished to relish the big English breakfast at home and did not mind taking the risk. 

14. Why the woman in the control center was looking at the narrator strangely?

Answer– The narrator asked the woman in the control center about the identity of the other pilot. She was looking at him strangely because there was no one else flying the plane in that storm.

15. “They were beckoning to him, calling shrilly.” Why did the seagull’s father and mother threaten him and cajole him to fly?

Answer: Seagull’s parents had tried everything but he was reluctant to fly due to fear of falling down. He looked at his brothers and sister but wouldn’t make any efforts. Thats why the whole family had left him alone and threatened and cojoled him to come but every effort went in vain.