If you are among those who have cleared the JEE Main 2017 then your next target will be for sure to crack JEE Advanced 2017. With only two days left for the exam, here are a few tips that will help you prepare for the exam at the last moment.

It is not about what you did in the past months. It is about what you will do at the last minute.  Your preparation and attitude during the last days before the exam can determine how you are going to perform in the exam. Here are a few last-minute tips to crack JEE Advanced 2017.

  • Concentrate on the Theorems, reactions, and formulae:

When it comes to JEE, it’s easy to be confused with these aspects of the syllabus, which is the reason why studying them at least a few times in the last few days can help you remember things in a much better way. You can try your ways to memorize things like for example, co-relating them with names or finding certain patterns that can be easily remembered.

  • Focus on the topics you have studied:

Once you go through the entire syllabus, it is suggested to go back and read the topics that you have studied till now. Experts believe that reading something which you have not gone through to date will make you nervous. It will result in losing your focus and make you forget things that you have studied well. It’s better to avoid such headaches at the last minute.

  • Spend time for revision:

You study the whole month for covering the entire syllabus and now is the time to go through everything you studied. Believe it, that’s not possible to do in a day. Based on your personal preferences and speed, you need to divide your days for revision. Make sure you revise what you have studied previously and not start any new topic that you have not studied.

  • Solve free mock test papers or question papers of the previous year:

Practicing mock test papers will boost your confidence. Your performance in these tests will help you to gauge your performance in the upcoming exam. Also, while practicing the mock tests, make sure you set a timer to know how quickly you can solve the questions.

  • Do not keep doubts to yourselves:

While reading if you doubt in your mind, clarify it with your professor, seniors, or teachers. Make sure you clear the doubt or else it can affect your scores. Why taking risks? Clear it up and don’t forget to practice the related questions so that you don’t forget them.

  • Have nutritious foods:

In this final stage don’t neglect your health. Falling sick at this moment can ruin your future plans. So make sure you take good care of yourself.

  • Sleep well:

Try to go to bed by 10:00 pm especially the day before the exam and wake up early the next day. Adequate sleep is very much required for the brain’s proper functioning.

  • Calm your nerves:

Don’t let stress and panic blank you out. Believe in yourself. You have to just take the final step now. Try meditation, exercise, and yoga to keep your nerves calm.

  • Reach the exam venue before time:

There is nothing worse than reaching the exam venue late. Try to start early and reach the exam hall at least half an hour before.

  • Don’t start answering just after you get the question paper:

Don’t be in a hurry to answer the questions once you are given the question paper. It is suggested to first go through the entire question paper along with the instructions carefully. Hope these tips will help you to crack JEE Advanced with ease.