All of us want ample time to decide what we want to achieve in life. Whether it is a career move or an educational decision, we wish we know the right time to make a move and select from the existing options. . Class 11 is perhaps the ideal stage to take a step towards deciding about the right stream for further educating prospects. Why?

The answer is quite simple. The stream we choose after class 10 is attached to us for lifelong. Also, these subjects in PU are considered as the stepping stone for success in our career. There are various reasons why senior secondary could be the right time to decide a career. Here are a few of them:

1. No need to think about Board Exams

Students have nearly two years for their Board exams. So, students can utilize this time to explore the varied options in detail and based on that they can make the decision.

2. Students choose among various streams

There are various streams to select from once students enter class 11. From Science, Commerce and Arts, students select a stream in which they think they can have a successful career in the future. Therefore, class XI is the right time to decide what you plan to do after class 12 and select a stream based on that.

3.Students are aware of their strengths and weaknesses

By the time students graduate they are well aware of the things they are good at and which stream they should opt for. This makes it simpler for students to decide in which direction they should plan their career so that they are successful.

4.The ideal time to start coaching for competitive exams

The right time when students can start preparing for competitive exams is during class 11. The biggest advantage of starting early is students can expect inclusive preparation for all the subjects. Therefore, deciding what you want to do in future, will guide you about various coaching classes.

The time gap between after class 10 and before getting into class 11 is crucial in terms of making the right career decision. For example, a student interested in science has a myriad of career options. However, it is not mandatory that all those careers will fit him or her. This is because each career option demands different aptitude and skills.

It can be a tricky situation as even if a student is able to figure out one’s personality and aptitude through tests like aptitude testing and career assessment, however, it is quite difficult to match one’s strengths This is why students should choose a career based on their academic qualifications and own abilities. Some of the methods using which one can have an idea about their skills and interests are taking up career assessment test to choose the right career in class XI, seeking help from expert career counselors, discussing with parents and siblings.