People around you might have started to make you feel like it is the time to panic. Your board exams are just around the corner. Before you realize it, you might be sitting in an exam hall. You might or might not have gone through the whole syllabus, but have you done an effective revision? It would be the biggest blunder of 2018 if you haven’t done your revision. You still have a lot of time to go through the entire portion and then do an effective revision. All you need now is guidance. Here are 8 steps to make your revision process a grand success.

Find the right place

Your comfy bed can never be your study area. Find a quiet, neat place with ample light. Ensure that you have everything you need to study at this peaceful place. You shouldn’t be getting up every five minutes to find something, even if it’s a dictionary.

Make a plan

Before you start, make a really good plan for subjects and topics. Start with the toughest subjects and leave the easier ones for later. Moreover, make sure that you are up with the lark every morning.

Say no to gadgets

Put your phone, laptop, and tablets away unless you want it for studying. These are distractions that can take away a lot of time. Deactivate your social media accounts temporarily or at least try to stay away for a while.

Take regular breaks

Nobody can sit for hours and learn continuously. In fact, it is an ineffective approach to learning. Take breaks after each chapter or topic as per your plan. Consider rewarding yourself if you meet your targets on time.

Teach your friend

Teaching someone after you have gone through the subject will help you recall better. This will also compel you to put the information you know in a well-structured manner. Studying in a group is also effective as a lot of knowledge gets shared quickly.

Evaluate yourself

Take mock tests or solve previous year’s question papers. This is as close you can get to the real thing. Solving such papers will also boost your confidence. Try to solve at least one question paper per week for each subject.

Stay fit

Never ever compromise on your health during exam time. Always have a healthy diet and get at least 8 hours of sleep. Exercising every morning or meditating or even doing simple yoga will have a great effect on your ability to learn.

Keep calm

Panicking is not going to do any good. Believe in yourself, realize that you have enough time to efficiently revise, and stay calm and cool. 

Follow these eight simple tips to surprise yourself. Your work will get done in no time and before you know it, you will be fully prepared for the board exams. If you get some spare time, think about your future and plan your career. Get advice from your family and friends or take up an aptitude test.