There are times when we feel physically and mentally drained out, and are almost on the verge of giving up. How do we power through this phase?

Short breaks form an essential part of our study plan, to ensure that we don’t get worn out. Experts suggest that a 10-minute break after every 90 minutes of studying is ideal. These breaks help us improve our focus and productivity. However, it is important to choose the right type of activity for a study break.

Here are some ideas which could help us make the most of our study breaks:

  • Few minutes of mindful meditation can rejuvenate the mind and make it ready to absorb more information
  • Take a short walk, get some fresh air and stretch your muscles
  • Grab a simple healthy snack for ourselves
  • Express ourselves through creativity (drawing, coloring, dancing, etc. can clear our mind and boost our energy)
  • Take a quick shower
  • Solve a crossword or a Sudoku puzzle away from the study desk
  • We could also schedule our breaks with our friends. This will encourage us to be on time.

Here are a few activities that could be avoided during these short breaks:

  • Taking a nap (it’s too short a break for a nap and we might end up extending it)
  • Watching a TV show (this can actually make us feel more tired, let’s choose something that gets us moving)
  • Logging in to social media (there is a strong possibility that 10 minutes could turn into 30 J)

Let’s remember that taking a break is not a way to procrastinate. Therefore, it is a good idea to set a timer for our breaks as well, just to be sure that we know it’s time to get back. J

‘Rest, recharge, and show up to play again!

Also, check out this video on guided meditation, which could really help us calm down and refresh!