For an organisation to carve a niche for itself in the education sector, sustain its relevance for several decades and expand its footprint, the pre-requisites are visionary leadership, a dependable team, self-critical evaluation, and accountability towards children and their parents who entrust us with their future.

The past two decades have been spent mentoring and guiding children through their Class 12 Board Exams as well as Competitive Exams like JEE NEET and CET; and orientation to courses such as C.A. Since then, we have grown from strength to strength with our children attaining enviable scores in Board and major Competitive Exams.

It makes us proud that we can state with conviction that Deeksha has stood the test of time in the last two decades and the “surprise test of time” in the last two years. Truly, Deeksha’s story is that of an institute becoming an institution.

We pride ourselves on our originality and innovation. While the pressures of the Board and Competitive Exams were accepted as an inevitability, we dared to combine scholastic ambition and wellness and proved that they are not mutually exclusive but complementary. Similarly, we invested in technology and enabled digital systems for years and it paid huge dividends when we had to transition to the virtual medium. As technology backed academics was not an unchartered territory for us, we could turn the crisis into opportunity by streamlining our academic delivery model with enviable success.  And now, with the campuses reopening, our technological acumen will pave way for blended and personalised learning and assessments. The recently launched dPDC (Deeksha Personalised Doubt Clarification) initiative is a case in point.

Only an institution that is firmly rooted in its cause and positioned reliably can sustainably diversify its domain.  Deeksha is now entering the K-12 education segment with Deeksha STEM and has set for itself a goal as ambitious as shifting the paradigm of school level education in India, by fostering a love for hands-on, enquiry-based learning. Our STEM curriculum is a ringing affirmation to our legacy, reflected in the admissions that are pouring in.

With long strides, we are on our way towards a future where Deeksha would be an educational movement to reckon with!