Chethana PU College2021-04-27T13:06:17+05:30
Deeksha Miranda Junior College2021-04-27T13:20:24+05:30
Jnana Sweekar PU College2021-04-27T13:26:07+05:30
KMWA Vidya Niketan Composite PU College2021-04-27T13:23:32+05:30
KVR Maruthi PU College2021-04-27T13:27:19+05:30
Malnad PU College2021-04-27T13:28:35+05:30
NTR PU College2021-04-27T13:29:57+05:30
SGPTA PU College2021-04-27T13:31:01+05:30
Sri Sarvajna PU College2021-04-27T13:32:16+05:30
Sri Venkateshwara PU College2021-03-16T20:26:26+05:30
Surana PU College (Kengeri)2021-04-27T13:33:45+05:30
Whitefield Global School2021-04-27T13:34:58+05:30
DCFL Extension College2021-04-27T13:36:08+05:30
Deeksha CFL PU College (Main Campus)2021-04-27T13:37:20+05:30
Sindhi PU College2021-04-27T13:38:36+05:30
Deeksha Junior College, ECIL2021-04-27T13:39:47+05:30
Deeksha Junior College, Kompally2021-04-27T13:41:02+05:30
Deeksha Junior College, Dwaraka Nagar, Vizag2021-04-27T13:43:15+05:30
Deeksha Junior College, NAD Crossroads, Vizag2021-04-29T17:12:33+05:30

State Of Art Infrastructure

With 22+ years of experience and over 60,000+ success stories, Deeskha has pioneered in creating the best learning environment for its students.


The teachers at Deeksha are well-versed in their subject and know how to get their point across. Their passion for the subject is inspiring and helps the students enjoy what they’re learning. The rigour was useful as it helped us achieve our goals.

Aradh Bisarya, 2015-17 Bachelors in Engineering Physics - IIT Delhi