Communication is a key factor in any relationship. The Parent-Child relationship is no exception! In fact, the way we treat our children, and the way we communicate with them, impacts what they believe about themselves and the kind of person they become. Positive communication facilitates reinforcement of positive behavior, elimination of inappropriate behavior, and helps build confidence in them.

Communication is not only about “what we say”, but it is also about our body language and our approach in general. Here are a few questions that we could ask ourselves in this regard:

  1. Do I make time for talking to my child?
  2. Do I listen to understand or just to respond?
  3. Do I ask my child about his/her challenges?
  4. Do I believe in my child’s abilities?
  5. Do I understand that my child is trying his/her best to perform?

Answers to these questions will define our approach towards children. One of the ways, in which they can experience this, is through our body language. For example:

  1. Eye contact (communicates “you’re important”)
  2. A touch on the arm, a warm hug (helps build emotional connection)
  3. A relaxed body posture and a pleasant tone of voice ( makes us seem approachable)

Of course, along with “how we say”, “what we say” also matters.

Happy parenting!