Teenagers are the most misunderstood people on planet earth. They are treated like children but asked to behave like adults. Everything they do is unworthy, useless, and wicked even if nobody has a clue about what they are doing. They are often misunderstood for no reason. They are for no reason termed arrogant and careless.

They might be leading a messy life but that is part of growing up. They are obviously not the ones living the messiest of lives even though their way of living might seem so. With a big online community of friends which their family has no idea of, everything about a teen might seem a bit confusing.  But even that doesn’t mean they are living a dangerous life.
Here, let us look at the typecasting teenagers have to put up with every single day.

1) Myth: Their online life is making them antisocial.

Fact: They might be behind a screen all the time but that doesn’t mean they are actually antisocial. The teenagers of today grew up with social media and what they are actually doing is connecting with their friends. They are constantly in touch with their friends. Their social life is their online life.

2) Myth: Their hormones are going crazy.

Fact: Of course, a lot of hormonal changes happen during adolescence but the changes in behavior are mostly because of the development of the brain.

3) Myth: They seek too much freedom and privacy.

Fact: Now, is it really a bad thing to ask for privacy and freedom? You have gone through the same years and what every teenager in any era would have craved for is freedom. And in fact, it is not something too much to ask.

4) Myth: Teens know nothing about online safety.

Fact: Well, do you really know everything about online privacy? Kids these days know a lot more about online security and safety. Everything around them revolves around the internet. They might probably know a lot more than you about privacy and security.

5) Myth: Our generation was far better.

Fact: Okay, this age-old statement is totally wrong. First of all, we can never really compare two generations. The teens of the 80s had other interests while teens of today have something else. They are obviously different but no generation of teens are better than the other.

6) Myth: Teens never read anything.

Fact: Some teens read while others don’t. Maybe the number of books they read might be less. But that is because books are not anymore the only source of knowledge. There is nothing the internet cannot teach you.

7) Myth: Teenagers are the same everywhere.

Fact: A boy from Mumbai is not going to act like a boy from Barcelona just because they are teens. Their interests, character, and attitude will mostly be different. It is criminal to just state that all teens are the same.

The whole adult world will undoubtedly agree that the best time of their life was when they were teenagers. Let the teenagers of 21st century to live life to the fullest. Why take the fun out of their life? Let them learn from their mistakes. Let them grow and make it a better world.

Meanwhile, if you feel that the teens you know of have absolutely no plans about their future, ask them to write an aptitude test. Taking up dSAT would be the best choice.