Do not believe people when they tell you that you need to work hard and slog to get good grades in your 2nd PU Board Exams. The following text will tell you why.

We all have seen 2 types of students:

  • Students who study at the last moment but score really good marks in their exams
  • On the other hand, we have also seen students who keep studying every waking moment of their lives but who don’t really fare well in the exams.

So, hard work is not the only requirement. There is also the foolish assumption that talent is what makes all the difference. If we closely observe, when some sharp students guide us, things seem a lot simpler than they did before. Relate this to the viral meme that says ‘We all have a friend who teaches us an entire subject the night before the exams’.

Don’t get all of this wrong! Hard work is necessary to learn a subject and excel in a particular field or to cover the entire 2nd PU syllabus but working towards doing well in an exam is a totally different ball game altogether. At the end of all this, it is very important to pack everything with good results and good grades to get into any awesome college that we dream of.

So here’s the trick – If you want good grades it is imperative that you need to work smart! This applies to any scenario – 2nd PU Science or 2nd PU Commerce. A smart student once said ‘While preparing for the exams I don’t study the subject but I study the exam structure and its requirements and prepare accordingly.

While not all of us may have the time or the composure to sit and work out a ‘Method’ to crack a particular exam, there are alternatives where these methods have already been crafted for us, and just by using them wisely, we would get all the benefits.

A recently developed education app that has hit the market and is taking this requirement by storm is ‘Deeksha PAL’. The structuring of this education app is such that it ‘immediately’ helps any student who starts using it. Deeksha PAL is a fully-loaded app that helps both Science and Commerce students score marks easily in the board exams.


  • 2nd PU previous year question papers organized based on their difficulty level.
  • Marking schemes and breakdown of answers makes a huge difference in cracking Karnataka PU Board Exams and therefore this has been an area of focus while creating the app.
  • People who have set the board exam papers previously were involved in the making of the Deeksha PAL app. So you can be sure that this is credible information on the best method to score marks.

Now, that friend who gives us tips to do well in our exams is Deeksha PAL with the added advantage of being available 24×7 and not throwing any tantrums ;) Also, this android app is completely FREE!!

Finally, our mobile phones and tabs will be more than just a source of distraction :) Download Deeksha PAL from Playstore & utilize these features along with the other exciting ones.