Mathematics – a subject loved and hated equally. For most students who hate it, math is their worst nightmare. But is it really that scary? Experts claim that mathematics is not as difficult as it is perceived. The way a subject is taught and the way you learn have a significant impact on understanding it. If there is one subject which will never bore you, it has got to be mathematics
To learn maths better, foremost, make yourself believe that it is not a tough subject. Then, find a way to fall in love with it. We have listed down 7 simple tips that will make mathematics your next best friend.

1. Connect maths with the real world

Try connecting the subject with things you see every day. For example, the clock in your room, the angles the needles make, the multiples of 5 you do when calculating time. Make everything related to maths and suddenly you will feel interested in the subject.

2. Learn mental calculation methods

From the mental abacus to the Trachtenberg method, there are many systems of rapid mental calculations that will help you calculate faster than a calculator. It is the best way to awaken the genius in you.

3. Try math apps

With plenty of online apps available, learning maths has become fun. Rather than spending your time on social media, try playing games or quizzes based on things you learn.

4. Solve problems using different methods

When you solve a problem using different methods, you learn new aspects of the problem. Mathematics gives you this unique freedom. There isn’t just one way to solve a problem. There will be many and you are free to choose any of them.

5. Understand the concept before starting with exercises

This is always important. Mugging up a formula or the steps involved might get you marks. But to really understand and love the subject, you must understand the concepts behind every problem.

6. Practice becoming fast

Practice makes things perfect and easier. The same goes with maths too. The more problems you solve, the better you become. Your speed and ability to calculate will change instantly.

7. Learn the basics

Mathematics is cumulative. It is a subject where all concepts are interrelated. So, it becomes impossible for you to learn a section without knowing the others. It is important to have a basic understanding of fundamental mathematics.

Prejudice has caused mathematics to attain a dreadful status. In fact, in truth, the creativity and ideas that flow through maths are astonishing and beautiful at the same time. The mere idea of infinity must baffle every student. Immerse yourself into the world of maths, treat yourself to the beauty of this mind-blowing subject.
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