Living in the 21st century, can you ignore the significance of technology? Technology has changed our lives in a million ways. All of us are dependent on it to fulfil each and every need of ours. Can you recall a single day where you have not used technology in some or the other form? If technology has ruled each and every aspect of our lives, then why should we leave education out of it?

In this fast-moving world, education too is affected by the impact of technology. The discovery of the internet has revolutionized the procedure, how we use and disseminate information. From laptops, educational apps like dPAL ((Deeksha Personalised Assisted Learning) to various online courses, technology has brought a big change in the field of education today.

These days, large numbers of android apps are being introduced to assist students to prepare well for competitive exams. dPAL is one such app that has been recently developed to help students prepare for both Board and competitive exams. Currently, the app is available for the following programs:

  • KCET
  • CBSE 11
  • CBSE 12
  • PU 2 Science
  • PU 2 Commerce

The Android app consists of mock tests, practise tests and question bank to help students get an idea about the question pattern of the board and competitive exams. It gives students the flexibility to fix their pace of study and thus acts as a customized friend for them. Using this app is very easy. Just download it from Google Playstore for FREE and start using it.