A group of academicians from Oxford set out to figure out through extensive research how a person could have a fulfilling career. As they progressed they ruled out factors like a high salary or following one’s passion and finally concluded that making a positive impact on the world through one’s work was the way to have the contentment that people yearn for.

“There is something within me that might be an illusion as it is often the case with young delighted people, but if I would be fortunate to achieve some of my ideas, it would be on the behalf of my ideals, it would be on the behalf of the whole of humanity”. These were the words of Nikola Tesla one of the greatest electrical engineers of all times.

Overall the consciousness of having a sense of responsibility towards society has been on the rise and many companies these days are focusing on it too.

Deeksha’s mission is to “Provide an effective and caring academic environment that nurtures original thinking and creates young, confident individuals with a sense of responsibility towards society”. At Deeksha, we realize what it is that will help our students the most and we do our best in providing it to them. Our initiatives like ‘dLife’ & ‘dCARE’ our Life Skills & mentoring programs cater to these needs.

While a person searches for a passion or opportunity to make a career, it comes from the intent of ‘What can the world offer me’. The other approach would be ‘What can I offer the world’. Just by reading this, we could predict which of these approaches could help create a better career and impact.

That’s where Deekshaites stand out and outdo themselves even after moving to the next phase of their careers. If you wish to experience this, you could request more information regarding our programs or take up R-DSAT (Bangalore), D-SAT (Maharashtra) & D-SAT (Rest of Karnataka).

Be a Deekshaite and secure your future!