Although it is normal to be confused about your career at this point of time, it is important that you figure things out so that you can have a smooth start to your career. With trained career counsellors becoming more accessible and easy to approach you don’t have to go through this all by yourself.

Doing your research on google is recommended but it becomes tough to adapt that general advice to your specific requirements. You can use this to get a rough idea about what you want and ask the right questions when you visit a career counsellor.

Deeksha is offering you a chance to get all your questions regarding your career answered by trained career counsellors. Having spoken to different students over the years they are well equipped to handle your queries. No matter if you are just confused between science and commerce or if you need guidance regarding the entire process, we are there to help you!

This is also open to any parent who has any questions regarding their child’s career or about what options are best for their children.

Book your slot for career counselling at Deeksha and spend the rest of your holidays in peace!