We’re always told to be prepared. For everything. It could be for an exam today. A competition tomorrow. A job the next. It could also be in the tiny gestures we often overlook, like when a friend asks us to carry an umbrella in case it rains. Life will throw challenges at us every day, so how can we avoid slippery hands so as not to miss them? Thinking two steps ahead and having back-up plans is a great thing. However, in life, we also come across situations that were least expected, and those for which we were not so prepared!

We must seek to constantly update and reinvent ourselves. And we must not shy away from challenges. It’s not just failure, but also a challenge which is a stepping stone to success. And we can use these challenges to our advantage, as writer Neil Gaiman rightly said: “Sometimes life is hard. Things go wrong. In life and in love and in business and in friendship and in health and in all other ways that life can go wrong. And when things get tough…this is what you should do: Make. Good. Art.” Now, what does making good art mean to us?

We have become obsessed with planning our lives and wanting to know how everything is going to turn out. Sometimes, when something doesn’t turn out it can pave the way for another amazing event to happen in our life. Let’s forget about wanting to know the future, take a moment to think, and then start creating the next few years of our life. Create something that is our art. Sometimes rules destroy creativity. Creativity breeds impossible adventures that take our lives on a new path. Our art is what gets us through the tough times and it’s what makes the good times feel so amazing. Our life’s work involves creating lots of pieces of art that we send out into the world. Our art is our own quest for adventure. Let’s make our art the best way we know, without ever giving up!

Here’s an inspirational message from the legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan, where he gives us a different perspective of looking at challenges and talks about how life gives us another day with another opportunity to try all over again and succeed!

Note 1) The article contains excerpts from Neil Gaiman’s commencement speech at the University of Arts (Philadelphia), for the class of 2012 (He is a renowned English author).
2) The video has been taken from the Facebook page ‘Denture Capital’