Today’s generation of students is growing up in a digital world. Using digital tools like smartphones, tablets have become a part of their daily life. All of us live in a knowledge-based society where technology plays the role of an empowerment tool. Today, modern technology has changed the way education has been delivered, changing the dynamics of the complete teaching and learning procedure in the classroom and beyond that.

Deeksha, a pioneer in the field of PU and competitive exam coaching believes that through the correct use of technology distances can be bridged and education can be brought to the doorstep of students.  Keeping this thought in mind, Deeksha launched an android app dPAL (Deeksha Personalised Assisted Learning) on 14th July 2016.

dPAL has been created by channelizing Deeksha’s 18 years of experience in competitive exam coaching. It is an integrated exam preparation app to help students prepare for CBSE and PU 2 exams as well as various competitive exams for medical and engineering. Currently, the app has programs like K-CET, PU 2 Science, PU 2 Commerce, CBSE 12 Science, and CBSE 11 Science.

The program for board exams consists of:

  • Previous year question papers
  • Overview video to help students score maximum marks depending on their exam preparation.
  • Breakdown of answers plays a major role in cracking PU Board Exams and therefore this has been an area of focus in this app.

The program for competitive exams consists of:

  • Complete analysis of the score, time taken and solutions
  • Text content containing synopsis, question banks and shortcut methods
  • The bookmark feature

Students need to download the app from Google Playstore. Some of the programs will be free of cost while some of them will be paid.