Are you preparing for the K-CET exams? Do you want expert tips for K-CET preparation? Every student wants to score high marks in competitive exams. Karnataka Common Entrance Test (K-CET) is an examination held by Karnataka Examinations Authority. This entrance exam is held to determine merit for admission to professional courses like engineering, medical, health, sciences, and pharmacy.

K-CET is one of the toughest entrance exams. Thus, students need to take assistance from different sources and explore all the available options. Among the various options, studying online is one of the popular ways nowadays. There are large numbers of android apps available which helps students during their exam preparation. dPAL (Deeksha Personalised Assisted Learning), an android app for K-CET is one among them.

In order to clear the k-cet exam, students should have a proper understanding of core concepts. They should be aware of the simple ways using which they can attempt multiple choice questions by using different methods. Here, expert guidance is very much required. Hence, usage of the Android app for K-CET preparation plays a significant role.

Benefits of using dPAL

K-CET program available in dPAL consists of:

  • Synopsis: Important concepts of each chapter are discussed in shortcuts to help students attempt questions within a short span of time. The feature is available in both video and notes.
  • Practice questions: Every chapter consists of 2 sets of 50 questions for students to practice all types of questions thoroughly.
  • Chapter test: From each chapter, students can attend a timed test of 20 questions to test a student’s understanding after attempting practice questions.
  • Question bankincludes a list of questions asked in the previous 3 years, which helps students get a clear picture about the K-CET exam.

Now, mobile phones and tabs can be used for purposes other than communication. Download dPAL from Google Playstore FREE! And enjoy these benefits along with others.