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About Us

Founded in 1998 by Dr. Sridhar G and Mrs. Lalit S to contribute to education in India, Deeksha partners with like-minded institutions committed to delivering quality education at the PU/ HSC/ Intermediate level.

Our presence spans about two decades, during which we’ve educated children through holistic and innovative value-based learning. The Deeksha methodology successfully bridges the gap between Board and Competitive Exam preparation by coaching children for both, under one roof. Equal importance is placed on maintaining their overall well-being. Hence, children at Deeksha are encouraged to:

– Learn, not just memorise

– Study smart, not just study hard

– Be driven by passion, not by fear

– And push themselves consistently

Beyond just producing ranks, we work with the primary goal of ‘Nurturing Success of Every Child’ who enrol at any of our campuses.

VidyaDaan – The Story

‘VidyaDaan’ is an initiative designed to provide quality education, free of cost, to meritorious students from economically challenged backgrounds. By giving people the power to nominate a child in need, this initiative follows a novel approach of working together with those who want to make a difference and build a stronger society, one life at a time.

Launching ‘VidyaDaan’

Considering the impact made on the lives of children who were awarded scholarships so far (based on merit or economic background), the Seventh edition of VidyaDaan will be launched in 2022-23, for children in need of financial support to pursue their education after class 10. The name ‘VidyaDaan’ which translates into Gifting Education, will offer benefit to economically underprivileged children. We request your support in nominating children who deserve the right to higher secondary education.

Deeksha Vidyadaan

Why we are doing this?

Deeksha’s inception had one clear purpose – to aid a positive change in India by providing quality education to children. Having served 60,000+ children over 22 years, we have witnessed the value that education offers to a child’s future. It is this belief that has urged us to ensure that no deserving child who walks through our door gives up his/ her dream of pursuing education due to financial constraints. The ones who we have supported so far have outperformed and left us in awe.

Education is one of the most powerful tools we can use to bring about a transformation. Education brings with it the possibility to earn a stable income, respect in the society, a chance to educate the next generation and contribute to the nation’s progress.

But access to quality education doesn’t come easy to economically underprivileged children who form a large part of our population. This is especially true for education after class 10.

By providing full academic scholarships to these children to pursue PU/ Intermediate education and coaching for entrance exams, we will enable them to secure admissions into top colleges in Karnataka and India for professional courses.

How it’s done?

1. Reaching children

The list of children considered for the scholarship will be aggregated from the nominations received through the following sources.

Through the online Application:

  1. The VidyaDaan application link is shared on various platforms, including Whatsapp, posters etc. One can apply for VidyaDaan by simply filling in the application form

Through Website:

  1. If you know a bright and hardworking student who does not have the means to fund his/ her education, you can nominate him/ her on this website or through our application link.
  2. Any child in need can directly apply for the scholarship through self-nomination or through our NGO partners

2. Screening and Selection Process:

  1. Once applications are received, it will be screened thoroughly. Any falsification of data will result in rejection of the application.
  2. If the application is accepted, the applicant will receive a call from Deeksha’s VidyaDaan team within 3 days of the announcement of class 10th Board results (If
    the applicant has provided a wrong or persistently unreachable phone number, the application will be considered as rejected).
  3. The applicant will then have a round of Academic Interview at the chosen campus (topics will based on class 10th Syllabus). Post this he/she will meet the Campus Dean.
  4. Once the applicant clears all these rounds. A background verification will be done. VidyaDaan team member will visit the home of the applicant to verify the details provided.
  5. The seat allocation will happen based on the availability of seats in the campus and other parameters set by Deeksha.
  6. Candidates who are offered the seat, will need to complete all admission procedures within 48 hrs. of the offer. If the candidate fails to do so, the seat may be offered to the next applicant on the selection list.
  7. For further queries, please reach out to 9513743925

3. Scholarship Details

Presently 105 economically underprivileged children will benefit from this initiative with scholarships to pursue their dream of higher secondary education! The company reserves the right to the final number of admissions to the current academic year post the final round of shortlisting.

The shortlisted children will be assigned to one of the Deeksha campuses across Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh or Telangana based on the choice of the child. The scholarship will be purely on merits of the selected candidate and availability of seats in the respective campus. The following will be offered as a part of the scholarship.

  • 2 years PU/ Intermediate education at a Deeksha campus in a stream (dSci+ & dCom+) that the child opts for
    – Science program (dSci+) coaches children to crack both board (PU/ Intermediate) and competitive exams like JEE, NEET, KVPY, Olympiads, JIPMER, VITEEE
    – Commerce program (dCom+) teaches the practical way with a combination of PU and Focus 360 program
  • Both the courses mentioned above will be taught using Deeksha’s time-tested teaching methodology
  • Highly qualified faculty train children in an audio-visual learning environment
  • Study material prepared by industry experts
  • Signature mentoring and life-skills program (dCARE Initiatives) for child’s all-round growth
  • All of this in a safe and secure environment


All scholarships are subject to the sole discretion of the company. The company shall have unrestricted rights and power, which may be exercised in its sole discretion at any time and from time to time. The Company reserves the right to modify, change, suspend, or discontinue the program any time without any notice.


Manoj S

Manoj S – 590/600
Deeksha, Tumakuru (Science) 

It was really a privilege to be chosen for the VidyaDaan scholarship and study at Deeksha. I feel blessed to have gotten all the support and guidance from the teachers who were not just experts in their subjects but also empathetic mentors. Thanks to the constant guidance I received, I have done well in PU and I am optimistic for JEE too 

The devotion of my parents and their commitment to giving me a good education despite the hardships, and the outstanding support from Deeksha are behind my achievement and I will continue to work hard to make my parents and teachers proud.


Advika – 590/600
Deeksha, Thyagarajanagar, Bengaluru (Science) 

The education model of Deeksha, the methodical classes and assessments, and supplemental support from teachers were extremely helpful. I always presented my teachers with a volley of doubts, and they were always happy to guide me through them. I used eDUCATOR app extensively and took as many tests as I could.   

Vidyadaan scholarship was extremely empowering and helped me navigate my challenges with success. I could prepare for PU and NEET simultaneously at Deeksha and make my parents proud.  

Gayathri R Bhat

Gayathri R Bhat – 589/600
Deeksha, Kengeri, Bengaluru (Science) 

The untiring commitment of my parents and the constant support from my teachers kept my goals in focus and my motivation up and did not let my challenges overwhelm me. VidyaDaan gave me an opportunity that I had prayed for, and I committed myself to making the most of it.  

I adapted to online classes but I missed the connect with peers that comes with physical classes and co-curricular activities. 

The offline interfaces we had with our teachers late in the session helped me give a finishing touch to my PU preparation. I religiously took the tests and tried to excel in each of them. I found eDUCATOR app exceptionally helpful. I have taken JEE Main, PESSAT and looking forward to writing BITSAT.   

Likith Gowda D

Likith Gowda D – 588/600
Deeksha, Mahalaxmipuram, Bengaluru (Science) 

VidyaDaan gave me access to the best education and set the stage for my success.   

I made the most of online classes and the offline interactions that I had with my teachers. I got all my doubts cleared and took all the tests. I found eDUCATOR app to be a great resource, In fact, 80 percent of my preparation for KCET is based on this app.  

I aspire to be a computer science engineer and my parents and teachers proud! 

Greeshma V

Greeshma V – 582/600
Deeksha, Yelahanka, Bengaluru (Science) 

I attribute my success to the resilience of my parents, the education model of Deeksha, the methodical online classes, and supplemental support from teachers. I am a NEET aspirant, I have prepared well and am very optimistic about my odds of securing a seat in a medical college.  

Darshan Gowda M

Darshan Gowda M – 582/600
Deeksha, Mahalaxmipuram, Bengaluru (Science) 

I am grateful to Deeksha for giving me an opportunity to study with the best through VidyaDaan scholarship. All my teachers were fantastic, and my Principal sir mentored me closely, he was very friendly. The eDUCATOR app was very helpful and a great resource. I focused on NCERT and took all my tests at Deeksha to do well in PU as well as in CET. I have appeared for both JEE and NEET. I would like to pursue CS or electronics, if I get into a good engineering college, if I get a better medical seat, I will pursue neurology. 

Navneeth V

Navneet V – 581/600
Deeksha, Kengeri, Bengaluru (Science) 

My teachers at Deeksha were very supportive and encouraging. Online classes were effective as we had all our doubts cleared and if personal interaction was required, we were given time. eDUCATOR app, with its practice tests, was very helpful I have written CET and hope to get a good seat. I want to pursue Computer Science engineering. 

Meghana M J

Meghna M J – 585/600
Deeksha, Kengeri, Bengaluru (Science) 

I am grateful for the support of my teachers and the constant guidance that they gave me. I got used to the online classes pretty soon and due to a streamlined process of doubt clarification, it worked very well. The offline classes were more effective though.

Vidyaadaan scholarship came as a boon to me and it helped me pursue my dream of great education that wouldn’t burden my parents. 

I am now all set to get into a medical college or pursue BSc. Biotechnology.


NGO Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

An initiative of this sort will create the desirable impact only if we have you on-board with us. While we have been providing scholarships to deserving children who have knocked on our door, many bright and talented children are missed out. Which is why we are giving you the #PowerToNominate a bright and hardworking child who does not have the means to pursue education after class 10.

Together we can reach a greater number of children and in turn provide scholarships to the most deserving candidates who will not only use the opportunity to better their lives but also help take our nation to greater heights.

Through this initiative we aim to help the most deserving children get recognised through their ability to perform well in academics and their interest to pursue further studies. This ensures the best use of the scholarships that we can offer.

The scholarship is for 2 years – class 11 &12. Children will have to obtain the minimum required marks and attendance to avail the scholarship for the 2nd year too.

Yes, children will be monitored and assessed continuously. Children will have to obtain the minimum required marks in examinations to continue availing the scholarship for the 2nd year.

While we appreciate your intention to help educate children, unfortunately we do not accept donations of any sort. However, you can help by nominating children for the scholarship or by sharing the message. For details, go to nominate section.

Child’s Photo (Mandatory)
Aadhar Card (Mandatory)
Income Certificate: Income Certificate issued by the Competent Authority in the State/UT Government (Mandatory)
Declaration from the child (Mandatory)

No, please exercise caution while filling up the form, as details once entered cannot be changed.

Fields marked with red asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Yes, it would approximately take 10 minutes to complete the application. You will receive a confirmation mail after you have successfully submitted the nomination.

The applicant will go through a screening process. For further details please read through the selection process.

It is all in your hands. Without your nomination the child would not have received the help he/ she needs to pursue higher secondary education. Therefore, you are indirectly helping transform a life by gifting education.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The VidyaDaan scholarship entails a fee waiver of the beneficiary's college fee only.
  2. Fees/charges of any or all other applicable services like hostel/boarding, transportation, books, uniform etc. will not be covered under VidyaDaan scholarship benefits and have to be paid by the scholar.
  3. All scholarships granted will be at the sole discretion of the company

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