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The professional industry is not the same as it was 20 years ago. Competition gets tougher day by day. Today, in the industry, there are more professionals than actually required. To face such a situation, a student should be offered a mix of personality development, career development and hands-on experience so that his or her prospects are enhanced to a certain extent.

Students who aspire to make it really big in the commerce industry should start the preparation just after they complete 10th standard. This is the right time for searching best colleges that specialise in Commerce. There are large numbers of reputed colleges in India and abroad too that assists one to pursue a successful career in this field.

Deeksha being one among them enables students choosing Commerce in I and II PU with a certification programme that assists them to attain a graduate degree. Students should have additional certification or knowledge to face today’s competitive world. This led us to discover Focus 360 program, a unique feature offering great learning experience and all round development for careers in Commerce.

The Deeksha Commerce + Focus 360 programme gives students ample opportunities to think beyond their textbooks and attain job oriented skills, offering an exposure to the real-time application of classroom learnt concepts. The gap between the ability of a student and expectations of corporate sector is fulfilled by developing students in two areas, i.e. academics and career.

Focus 360 programme includes:

Personality development: Under this section, we teach students how they can improve their personality. We have split this program into two parts, i.e. Current Business News (CBN) and Soft Skills Training. In CBN class, students come to know about day to day business news. Keeping themselves up-to-date regarding the events and happenings in the business world on a daily basis help students to attain success in this field.

We believe knowing things is not enough; one should be confident enough to speak out their mind in front of others. This is where our soft skills training class comes into existence. Basically, this training is meant for removing stage fear from the student’s mind. They have to prepare a note on any given topic and share it in front of others. This enhances their self-confidence.

Real time experience: As the name itself suggests, we teach students lessons from their life activities. This section again has two sub-divisions, i.e. field surveys and skit or drama. Under field surveys, also known as practical learning of the syllabus, learners are sent to companies, institutions or organizations discussed in their syllabus and gather all necessary information about them. The interaction between the student and company leaders benefit students a lot in their career.

We also arrange a skit or drama for the students in our campuses. Students are given a concept, dialogues and other necessary things by the teachers. They have to enact a drama out of it in front of their friends. This is the best technique of sharing knowledge.

Career development: For the career growth of students, we provide “Accounts Lab Manual” to them. This manual consists of all the basic things that every student should be aware of. Like for example, steps to follow while writing a voucher check, how to make bank statements, prepare tax returns, organise financial records and much more. Our theoretical class helps students to clear their I PU with high scores. We even offer practical classes based on the manual where students have to work on excel sheet.

We have a campus specific program, known as CPT (Common Proficiency Test). This test acts as the foundation for C.A examinations. We make them eligible for CA exams. Once they pass the Common Proficiency test, they can write the next level of examination, i.e. IPCC (Integrated Professional Competence Course) and IPCE (Integrated Professional Competence Examination).

The success of a student depends not only on the strength or knowledge but on proper guidance and right mentoring. At Deeksha, we guide every student for their successful career. We are committed to assisting students by offering academic services which in turn helps them achieve their dream career.

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