The Trees Extra Questions

The Trees Extra Questions

A poem has been written by Adrienne Rich. Adrienne Rich was born in Baltimore, USA. She is a famous poet, essayist, and feminist. This poem shows a conflict between men and nature. The poet also believes that the trees and plants used in the city’s interior decoration have been imprisoned. They need freedom. Because of cutting, these trees want to move into the forest, where trees are decreasing. According to the poet, everything desires freedom. Growth and well-being require it. Laws must be followed.The Trees extra questions are required for class 10. This is a voice with a body engaged in activities and observing intrusions that are not organic to a native poem. There is a lot of information about understanding trees in this chapter.

The Trees Extra Questions

1. What makes the forest empty? What cannot happen in a-treeless forest?

Answer: Man’s cutting the trees of the forest at an uncontrollable speed has resulted in the empty forests. In a treeless forest, birds and insects cannot find shelter and make their homes there. The sun cannot cool its rays in the shadow there.

2. How does the changing forms of moon relate to the moving out of the trees?

Answer: The moon also changes its forms with the moving out of the trees. In a treeless forest it appears as a whole, closed body. But with the trees moving out into the forest, the moon also appears as a broken mirror. Its pieces flash light on the tallest of trees.

3. Where are the trees at present? What do their roots, and leaves do?

Answer: At present, the trees are in the house. The roots try to free themselves from the cracks of the veranda floor, and the leaves make efforts to move towards the glass, perhaps in search of light. The small branches become stiff as they try to pull themselves towards the light.

4. Why does the poet use the metaphor of newly discharged patients?

Answer: A patient feels depressed in a hospital. As soon as he recovers, he is eager to leave the hospital. He rushes towards the clinic doors. In the same way, the plants in the pots feel suffocated. They are deprived of adequate light. So they stretch themselves towards the glass door, in the hope of finding the light.

5. What does the poet compare the branches of the trees to ? 

Answer: The poet compares the boughs and branches of the trees to newly discharged patients moving out of the clinic doors in a half dazed condition, stiffled under the strain of confinement. They are desperate to stretch themselves in the open and get a breath of fresh air.

6. What happens to the house when the trees move out of it ? 

Answer: The fragrance from the trees is filling the house like low whisperings of people. Thus, the poet personifies that the house would be empty and silent, once the trees leave.

7. What are the three things that can’t happen in a treeless forest?

Answer: The three things that cannot happen in a treeless forest are-the sitting of a bird on trees, the hiding of insects and the burying of sun’s feet in the shadow of the forest.

8. The poet uses trees as a symbol for women breaking patriarchal notions. Do you agree? Why/ Why not?

Answer: Indeed, the poet uses trees as a symbol for women breaking patriarchal  notions. In a male dominated society, women are in bondage. They are struggling to free themselves. Similarly, nature representing tree and forests, is struggling to escape itself form the onslaughts of men to destroy it. 

9. What did the trees do to disengage themselves?

Answer: The trees tried to disengage themselves by breaking their barriers. They wanted to go out of the household shackles.

10. Through the poem, what do you understand about deforestation?

Answer: Deforestation has become one of the major problems of the world. Through the poem, The Trees, the poet emphasizes the consequences after the trees move out of the forest. 

11. Why the chopped down trees are called timber?

Answer: The trees are chopped down so that their wood could be put to use. The logs and wood, timber, is used for carpentry and to make furniture. Even when the tree is chopped down, it is useful and profitable.

12. Explain the term-scientific forestry.

Answer: In scientific forestry, different types of natural forests were cut down. In their place one type of tree was planted in straight rows. This is called a plantation. Forest officials surveyed the forests, estimated the area under different types of trees and made working plans for forest management. They planned how much of the plantation area to be cut every year. The forest area was cut down then to be replanted.