The Proposal Class 10 Extra Questions and Answers

The Proposal Class 10 Extra Questions and Answers

The play was written by Anton Chekhov in the 18th century. There is a large audience for his works due to the fact that they address practical issues facing society today. The Proposal is a short, humorous, and practical story about two wealthy neighbours. The proposal summary in English is a beautiful story concerning wealthy families seeking to increase their wealth and property by marrying one another. It appears that they are not satisfied with what life has given them. In the summary of the proposal, all three characters are quarrelsome and arrogant. Things become somewhat humorous as they argue over which dog is better and more expensive. Ultimately, the story illustrates that we are all human beings at the end of the day. Class 10 students should prepare The Proposal Class 10 Extra Questions And Answers as it is an influential chapter from the standpoint of the exam.

The Proposal Extra Questions

1. Write down the final advice of Chubukov?

Answer: Chubukov advised Natalaya and Lomov to start their family bliss.

2. What makes Chubukov misunderstand the purpose of Lomov’s visit?

Answer: Chubukov misunderstands that Lomov has come to borrow money. He does not reveal his purpose of coming directly instead he says that he has come to trouble him with a request for help.

3. How does Natalya excite Lomov to the point of verbal fighting?

Answer: Natalya repeatedly insisted that Oxen Meadows are theirs and told Lomov that upto now she considered Lomov as a good neighbour and friend. This excited Lomov to the point of verbal fighting.

4. What do you learn about Natalya from the play, ‘The Proposal’ ?

Answer: Natalya is the only daughter of the landowner Chubukov. She was very possessive about her land and was very determined not to part with it. She was a short tempered lady who used to quarrel with anyone very often. She always pinpointed the amount of help she had offered to her neighbours. Though well educated, she did not use her education wisely and thoughtfully.

5. Who are Lomov and Chubukov and how are they related to each other?

Answer: Lomov and Chubukov are landlords. They are neighbours too. According to Lomov, he has been coming to Chubukov for help. Chubukov has helped him even earlier. There seems to be a dispute over the ownership of Oxen Meadows. Each one claims that the land belongs to him. Lomov is interested in marrying Chubukov’s daughters, Natalya and considers her a suitable match for her.

6. Lomov calls himself a ‘land grabber’. Explain. 

Answer: Lomov and Natalya argue over the ownership of Oxen Meadows. Natalya calls him a ‘land grabber’ as he claims his ownership over it. Lomov says that he is not a ‘land grabber’ as he has never done so and would never let anyone do so.

7. What is the ailment that Lomov is suffering from?

Answer:Lomov is suffering from weakness or depression. His limbs become numb. Whenever he is excited his heart starts palpitating. His foot often becomes numb and he is unable to bear the shock in life.

8. What did Chunukov think about Lomov’s visit to his house? What was his reaction after knowing about the truth?

Answer: Chubukov thought that Lomov had come to visit his house to ask for money. When he got to know that Lomov had come to propose to Nataliya, he was excited and treated Lomov with extra attention and care.

9. Why do you think Lomov visits his neighbour donning a formal evening dress?

Answer: While going on a mission of vital importance it is a usual custom, almost all over the world, to wear a formal dress. Lomov visits Chubukov with the express purpose of proposing to his daughter Natalya. So, he wears a formal evening dress. 

10. How does Chubukov react upon hearing Lomov’s marriage proposal?

Answer: Upon hearing Lomov’s marriage proposal Chubukov becomes elated. Then he embraces and kisses Lomov. He says that the proposal is a sort of wish fulfillment to him. Then he goes inside to call his daughter Natalya Stepanovna so that the matter of giving a marriage proposal becomes complete. 

11. Chubukov says of Natalya: “……. as if she won’t consent! She’s in love; egad, she’s like a lovesick cat……” Would you agree? Find reasons for your Answer.

Answer: Yes, Natalya is in love. This is clear by the way she behaves when she gets to know that Lomov came to propose to her. She starts weeping and asks her father to bring Lomov at once.

12. What happens to Lomov when he is in an excited state?

Answer:   Lomov’s heart beat increases. His lips tremble. There is twitch in his right eyebrow. The worst thing is the way he sleeps. When he goes to sleep, something pulls in his left side. It comes to his shoulder and head. He jumps like lunatic.

13. How is ‘the Proposal’ a great comedy?

Answer: ‘The Proposal’ is a great comedy. It is because of the characters and subject matter and how they behave. Natalya, Lomov and Chubukov fight over foolish things. All these create a lot of laughter. The verbal fights over Oxen Meadows and dogs are really full of humour.

14. What was Lomov’s opinion about Squeezer?

Answer: Lomov’s opinion about Squeezer was not positive. He considered Squeezer a bad hunter. Lomov was sure that dog’s lower jaw was shorter than the upper one. He thought it to be of inferior quality.

15. What is the ailment that Lomov is suffering from?

Answer: Lomov is suffering from weakness or depression. His limbs become numb. Whenever he is excited his heart starts palpitating. His foot often becomes numb and he is unable to bear the shock in life.