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Mijbil The Otter Extra Questions

This lesson describes how the author’s life changed after he domesticated an otter after losing his pet dog. His life changed as well. He develops an inseparable friendship with Mijbil, the otter, as he adjusts to life in London.Gavin Maxwell wrote Mijbil, the Otter. After losing his first pet dog, he kept an Otter as a pet, and it changed his life. He takes his audience through his journey of learning to play and his experiences with Mijbil-the-Otter. His life journey began on a flight from Iraq to London with his friend. The otter caused havoc and scared everyone during his flight. Despite this, a kind-hearted air hostess allowed the writer to travel with Mijbil.This chapter requires students to prepare Mijbil The Otter extra questions. This chapter teaches kindness and consideration. Additionally, you will build your reputation as considerate and respectful. Courtesy people are respected and have a positive impression.

Mijbil the Otter Extra Questions

1. Why did the author wait for three days?

Answer: The author waited to telephone for three days as there were problems with it.

2. Why was the otter named ‘Maxwell’s otter’?

Answer: This race of animals was unknown to the scientists in the beginning. After its discovery it was christened by zoologists Lutrogale perspicillata maxwelli or Maxwell’s otter.

3. Why did Maxwell get his mail after five days and what did he do to get it? 

Answer: Maxwell got his mail after 5 days due to some delay. He cabled and tried to telephone in order to get his mail.

4. In the name of rules and regulations, basic values are ignored but people like the airhostess in ‘Mijbil the Otter’ are a ray of hope. What virtues do we find in the airhostess?

Answer: The airhostess was somewhat friendly, and she allowed the narrator to place the otter on his lap. She could relate and empathise with the situation faced by the narrator. This shows that apart from being professional, she was a caring lady. She not only wanted to do her job but was also responsible as she helped the narrator in finding the otter back.

She did all that she could do for Maxwell and the otter. She was hard working and was ready to help as she did not say ‘no’ to help the narrator.

5. How did Mijbil behave in the beginning? Did some change come in the otter afterwards?

Answer: During the first 24 hours, Mijbil was neither hostile or friendly. He was aloof and indifferent. He slept on the floor far away from Maxwell’s bed. However, a change came in Mijbil afterwards. Ile started taking a keen interest in his surroundings. He went to Maxwell’s bed on the second day and remained asleep in it.

6. What is a characteristic of otter and how did Mijbil behave in the water?

Answer: The main characteristic of an otter is to extend and spread every drop of water about the place. A bowl full of water must be overturned. He would sit in and splash in until it flows.

7. What happened when Maxwell took Mijbil to the bathroom ? What did Mijbil do two days after that ?

Answer: In bathroom, Mijbil fumbled with the taps and went mad with joy on seeing full flow of water. It played, splashed and thoroughly enjoyed like a hippo in water. Aloof at first, he started Answering to his name, played for hours with rubber belli and juggled with small objects, in two days after that.

8. Why was the author not allowed to take a flight of British Airways?

Answer: The British Airways did not allow pets on its flight, while the author had to carry his pet otter along with him.

9. Which group of animals do otters belong to?

Answer: Otters belong to a small group of animals called Mussel lines. They are water-loving animals and are generally found in marshy areas. They are intelligent, fun-loving and playful and are harmless beautiful creatures.

10. What did the Londoners think about Mijbil the otter?

Answer: Mijbil the otter was a new creature for the Londoners. They had never seen such a pet in their life. They guessed that it belonged to a small group of animals called mustellines. Some of them guessed it was a small walrus or a baby seal. Some called it a hippo and a brontosaur.

11. What was Mijbil’s favourite game during Maxwell’s stay in London?

Answer: Mijbil invented a game with the ping-pong ball while his stay in London. One of Maxwell’s suitcase had got damaged its lid, when closed remained at a shope which Mij used as his game he would place the pingpong ball on the high end and allow the ball to slide down. Before the ball went down the slope he would dash around to the other end and spring up to grab it and trot off with it to the high end again. He would keep himself engrossed in the game for about half an hour at a stretch.

12. How did Mijbil create chaos in the flight?

Answer: Mij was asked to put in a box. When the author did so, it had hurt itself. When an air hostess asked the author to keep the otter in his leg, he was happy. He opened the box but Mij in panic jumped out of the box. He kept going here and there and frightened many passengers.

13. How was Mij to be transported to England?

Answer. Mij was to be carried in a box, not more than eighteen inches square, to be kept on the floor at the author’s feet. British airlines did not allow transporting animals, so they booked another flight to Paris and from there to London.

14. What ‘experiment’ did Maxwell think Camusfearna would be suitable for?

Answer. Maxwell thought that as Camusfearna was close to water, it was suitable for an experiment to domesticate an otter.

15. How did the author manage to reach the airport?

Answer: The author was late and the driver of the author’s car drove along the streets of basra like a bullet. The aircraft was waiting to take off. He was rushed through it by the angry officers. He put the box near his feet.