Fog Extra Questions

Fog Extra Questions

There is no doubt that Carl Sandburg is an excellent American poet and editor. Three of his works have been awarded Pulitzer Prizes. He wrote most of his poems about the city of Chicago, his hometown. Among his many collections of poetry, the “Fog” is the shortest. But still, this poem contains profound reflections about nature. It has a strong and deeper meaning. Fog is compared by the poet to the cat because both have soft paws and do not indicate their presence. Similar to fog, it approaches slowly.Like a cat, the poet describes the fog, which is typically seen during the winter season. This very short poem provides an elegant description of nature’s act. Students in class 10 should prepare Fog extra questions, as it has an influential impact on the final examination

Fog Extra Questions

1. How is the fog like a cat?

Answer: The poet finds the fog like a cat. The fog comes stealthily like a cat. It sits looking over the harbour and city as a cat does. Later, it moves on just like a cat to settle somewhere else. These things prove that the fog’s comparison to a cat is appropriate.

2. How does the poet compare fog to a living being?

Answer: The poet compares the fog to a cat. The silent steps of a cat and the way it sits on its haunches is very similar to the way fog comes and surrounds the city and looks over it.

3. How does the fog come?

Answer: The fog comes slowly and silently.

4. How does the poet describe the fog’s movements?

Answer: The poet describes the fog as a cat. Like a cat, the fog comes silently and slowly. It is sitting on its haunches. And then it moves on.

5. How does the poet employ the double imagery of the fog and the cat?

Answer: The poetic device of metaphor is very effectively used in the poem. The fog is converted into a cat and the cat is morphed back into the fog. The silent arrival of the fog is like a little cat. The fog stays there sitting like the cat on its haunches.

6. What does Sandburg think the fog is like ? 

Answer: Carl Sandburg compares the fog to a cat. The metaphorical expression ‘on little cat feet’ implies that the fog approaches noiselessly and stealthily, just like a cat.

7. How does the fog spread over the harbour and the city?

Answer: The fog-comes to a city stealthily just like a cat. It makes no noise. It spreads over the harbour and the city and settles over them for sometimes. There, it rises high and moves away. In this way the fog arrives over a city, observes it and then leaves it to move away.

8. According to the poet, in what respect is the fog similar to a cat? Do you think the comparison made is appropriate?

Answer: The poet Carl Sandburg observes the analogy between the fog and the behaviour of a cat. The approach of the fog is silent and noiseless, stealthily advancing on its silent, ‘paws’. From a distance, it seems like a cat moving on its haunches cautiously, analysing its surroundings before being taken into notice.

9. How does the frog move on?

Answer: The frog move on slowly. 

10. What is a harbor and how is it related to frog?

Answer: Harbor is a sea pot. The frog sits looking over the harbor and city like a cat and then moves on.