A Letter to God Extra Questions

A Letter to God Extra Questions

A Letter to God by Antoine D is the opening chapter of the CBSC English textbook First Flight. God is the only hope we see when times are tough, and circumstances are against us. The Letter to God is one such story that speaks of the unwavering faith in God. Students must get acquainted with A Letter to God Class 10 extra questions for thorough preparation. The protagonist, Lencho, is a simple, hardworking farmer who earns his bread and butter by farming. After all the toil, when this man expects a prosperous harvest, a hailstorm hits the land and destroys all his crops. This prose is relevant as faith in God is an eternal subject. Students should prepare well for extra questions of A Letter to God.

A Letter To God Extra Questions

1. Why did Lencho keep gazing at the sky?

Answer: Lencho expected rain and so he kept on gazing at the sky.

2. Why does the postmaster send money to Lencho? Why does he sign the letter “God”?

Answer: The postmaster was a very generous fellow. In order not to shake Lencho’s faith in God, he collected money and sent it to Lencho. The postmaster signed the letter “God”, lest Lencho should think that the money had not been sent by God.

3. Why do you think it is called ‘the’ house and not ‘a house’?

Answer: It is called ‘the house’ and not ‘a house’ because it was the only house in the entire valley.

4. (i) What did the postmaster need to Answer the letter? How did he collect it?

(ii) How did Lencho react to help?


(i) Lencho’s crop had been destroyed. He needed God’s help. So he wrote a letter to God. He posted the letter. At the post-office, a postman took the letter out of the letterbox. He laughed at reading the address. He showed the letter to the postmaster. The postmaster also laughed. But he praised Lencho’s firm faith in God. He did not want to shake this faith. He was very kind. He decided to help Lencho. He and the post-office employees collected some money. The postmaster gave a part of his salary. They put the money into an envelope and addressed it to Lencho.

(ii) The next Sunday Lencho came to the post-office. He asked if there was any letter for him. The postman gave him the envelope. Lencho opened the letter. He found that the money was less than what he had requested for. He thought that God could not have made a mistake. He wrote another letter to God. He asked God to send him the rest of the money. But he should not send it through the mail as the post-office employees were a ‘bunch of crooks’.

5. The postmaster represents the people who still believe in helping others. Mention those values of the postmaster which you would like to emulate.

Answer: The postmaster was a kind hearted man. He was moved by the poor farmer’s deep faith in God. He gave up a part of his salary and asked his colleagues to donate as well. He collected 70 Pesos and gave it to Lencho in the form of a letter from God, to retain his faith.

6. Lencho had only one hope. What was it?

Answer: Lencho’s only hope was help from God.

7. What was the effect of the hail storm on tile valley?

Answer: No Crop or Vegetation was left in the entire valley

8. Why did Lencho become angry when he counted the money ?

Answer: Lencho became angry when he counted the money because the money was not hundred pesos which he had demanded. It was only 70 pesos. Lencho had firm faith in God. Moreover, he knew that God could not make a mistake or deny his request.

9. Lencho addresses the post office employees as a ‘bunch of crooks’, why ? Give reasons in support of your Answer

Answer: The hailstones ruined Lencho’s crop and left Lencho helpless. So he thought of writing a letter to God to help him for his destructed crop. Lencho requested God to send hundred pesos. The postmaster sent him 70 pesos. Lencho became angry when he counted the money. He thought that 30 pesos were taken by the post office employees. He warned God to send thirty pesos more and beware of those employees who were a bunch of Crooks.

10. How and why did Lencho compare the raindrops with money?

Answer: Lencho compared the raindrops with money by calling the little drops “five cents” and the bigger ones as “ten cents” because his corn harvest was very much in need of a good rain to harvest properly, which would then bring prosperity to Lencho, like every year.

11. Why did Lencho say “ A plague of locusts would have left more than this”.

Answer: Lencho said this because he was extremely sad and disappointed to see his entire field of ripe corn with its flowers ruined by the hailstorm. 

12. Did the letter reach God? Why did the postmaster send a reply to Lencho?

Answer: The letter did not reach God but it certainly reached the postmaster who was a God-fearing and kind-hearted man. He decided to send a reply to Lencho as he was moved by the firm faith of a farmer in God, and he did not want to disappoint him.

13. How did the rain change ?What happened to Lencho’s field?

Answer: The Rain changed in to a hailstorm. hails fallen the house ,the garden,the hailside and the corn field. They also fail in the   hole valley.At last the hailstones was destroyed Lencho’s Field completely.

14. How much money did he himself give?

Answer: The postmaster himself gave a part of his salary.

15. Who or what did Lencho have faith in? What did he do? 

Answer : Lencho had faith in God. He believed that God’s eyes see everything, even what is deep in one’s conscience. He wrote a letter to God saying that he needed a hundred pesos to sow his field again.