For the ones who have made a conscious choice to pursue commerce and the others who have just picked commerce because you did not want to go with science, there awaits a whole new world of subjects and job opportunities that promise to make your journey thrilling.

What makes any experience worth living through is complete engagement in it. Being distant and uninvolved might ‘seem’ like an easier choice but it really isn’t if you consider things in the long term. It is the same with your commerce PU course as well as with anything that follows.

All the things that you have learned at college will count for something only when you convert it into practical knowledge. Otherwise, it just remains as a potential that is untapped. Recognizing this need and with the urge to provide the best to our students we present Deeksha’s Commerce Program with Focus 360.

Deeksha’s Commerce PU Program with Focus 360 offers students a chance to think beyond their textbooks and attain job-oriented skills. They receive exposure to the real-time application of concepts learned in the classroom. With separate activities assigned for personality development, real-time experience, and career development our commerce students are in a position to apply themselves through the entire duration of the Commerce Program. There are also campus-specific courses that lay the foundation for CA exams.

Admissions are open for our commerce PU Program with Focus 360. Enroll yourself today!